Weewoo Warehouse
Weewoo Warehouse
Weewoo, Weewoo.
Some attributes
First Universe:

Harry's Island

Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Weewoo Warehouse is a stage in All Star Smashers. It is home to Matthew Whitehead.


Starter SongsEdit

Havana Moon

Build up tension

Hi-Tech World

Ambient- Void

World 5 - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Spaceballs Soundtrack / 01.John Morris - Main Title

Unlockable SongsEdit

Doctor Who - I Am The Doctor- Win on this stage 15 times

Star Wars Epic Music Medley - Win on this stage 30 times.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat- Asteroid Belt - Win on this stage 45 times.

Results BackgroundEdit

Weewoo Results

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