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    Hello folks, this is something random I thought of for All-Star Smashers if it was a racing game. This is just a list of what vehicles the characters would use in the game.

    Key: Character - What they drive

    • Lee Saunderson - A kart similair to the one Bugs Bunny drove in Looney Tunes Racing
    • Sonny Slaven - A brown go-kart.
    • Billy Slaven - A blue Mario Kart Wii-styled go-kart.
    • Oscar the White Tiger - A kart in the form of a chubby. (Similair to Cloud Nine from Mario Kart 7)
    • Amanda the Panda - A kart entirley built from Bamboo.
    • Harry Bradshaw - A kart similair to the car he drives in his final smash.
    • Matthew Whitehead - A U.F.O.
    • Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver - (Obvious choice is obvious) His bus.
    • Finn Palmer - A bus similair to Pete's, but is gray.
    • Angry Bo…
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