Hey guys, as we all know, Empty Slot 3 has begun, and one of the newcomers is the very adorable Princess Unikitty from The Lego Movie. If I may, I'd like to show you guys this custom Unikitty moveset I made for All Star Smashers.

All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Unikitty

Entrance: Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land- Unikitty jumps on the stage saying "Hi! I am Princess Unikitty!"

Inspiration Clip: (0:00-0:04)

Neutral B: Unicorn Magic- Similar to Dark Helmet's Neutral B, Unikitty uses her unicorn magic to telekinetically grab opponents. If she doesn't grab opponents, she'll use her magic to summon Rainbow LEGO Bricks to build a rainbow-coloured item to help her during battle.

Inspiration Clip: (14:35-14:43)

Side-B: Cute Hypnostism- Unikitty will use her cuteness to hypnotise people. It's like Amanda's Down-B, only hypnotised opponents will fight by Unikitty's side, until they get hit.

Inspiration Clip: (1:04-1:19)

Up-B: Cloud Cuckoo Car- Unikitty enters her vehicle from Lego Dimensions. You can control her both horizontally and vertically, and can press B to shoot rainbpw- coloured lasers to cause damage. Press Up-B again to hop off. This can also be done in the air, but she automatically enters the car without jumping in.

Inspiration Clip: (10:03-10:08, 14:09-14:16)

Down-B: Positive Thinking- Unikitty will try to "Stay Positive" by thinking of some happy thoughts. If tshe's thinking of bubblegums, a bubblegum will explode in someone's face, blinding them and reversing their controls. If she's thinking of Butterflies, some butterflies will arrive and stun the enemy by flying past them. If she's thinking of Cotton Candy, she'll replenish 50% health, and will briefly get a speed boost. All effects last for 10 seconds.

Inspiration Clip: (1:13-1:29)

Final Smash: The Opposite of Happiness- Unikitty turns into her rage form, and...well, the inspiration clip speaks for itself. Inspiration Clip: 

KO Sound 1: (2:04-2:05)

KO Sound 2: (1:40-1:41)

Star KO Sound: (3:53-3:57)

Screen KO Sound: (2:57) 

Up Taunt: (1:25-1:28)

Side Taunt: (0:01-0:07) (If you're not fighting on Cloud Cuckoo Land, Unikitty will just say "I am Princess Unikitty!")

Down Taunt: (14:44-14:48)

Victory #1: (6:43-6:47)

Victory #2: (0:04-0:07)

Victory #3: (2:29-2:30)

Losing Pose: Music: 

KO Sounds and Taunts Music: 

Victory Theme: (0:04-0:13)

Icon: The LEGO Movie Logo The_LEGO_Movie_logo_(2014).png

Stage: Cloud Cuckoo Land

Category: Lawlers

Affiliation: Heroes

Classic Safari Rivals:

Rival 1: Rarity or Amanda

Rival 2: Wiggler

Classic Safari Wish: For everyone to be positive.

Boxing Ring Alias: Princess of Cloud Cuckoo Land 

Classic Safari Losing Pose: 15573570543_db286d4823_z.jpg 

Lawl Food: Rainbow-Coloured Lollipops

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