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  • I live in I cannot tell you, it's confidential. Anyway, how's your sex life?
  • I was born on May 20
  • My occupation is GoAnimator, YouTuber,
  • I am Male
  • Sonny Slaven (TangentGrub4)

    Just like Jack did, I'm gonna show who I think are the most famous to least famous characters on the internet:

    1. Garfield
    2. Rarity (The Brony fandom is strong)
    3. Captain Underpants
    4. Action 52
    5. Chadtronic
    6. Maxwell
    7. Super Minecraft Kid
    8. Caillou
    9. Harry Hill
    10. Horrid Henry
    11. Papa Louie
    12. Sonny Slaven
    13. Smash Jarin
    14. Brodi Welsford
    15. Lee Saunderson
    16. Brad Till
    17. Angry Boss
    18. Bruceton
    19. Billy Slaven
    20. Oscar
    21. Amanda
    22. Pete Polcon
    23. Finn Palmer
    24. Edward
    25. Yuuki Ogata
    26. Harry Bradshaw
    27. Matthew Whitehead
    28. Talking Joe
    29. Hilary
    30. Tim Carter
    31. Dan Gough
    32. Grandpa Gorilla
    33. Thin Air (It's nothing, lol)
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  • Sonny Slaven (TangentGrub4)

    Since Jack made that blog where he showed the list of characters he knew from first to last, I decided to do the same. So here's my list:

    1. 1996-Sonny Slaven (The year I was born)
    2. 1996- Thin Air
    3. 2000- Billy Slaven (The year he was born)
    4. 2004/2005- Harry Hill (I think this was when I first knew him
    5. 2005/2006- Garfield (I think this was when I saw the movie)
    6. 2006- Horrid Henry (When the show first aired on CITV)
    7. 2010- Action 52 (Never saw the review at the time, but I remember it being mentioned by AVGN in a YTP)
    8. 2012- Rarity (The year I became a Brony)
    9. 2013- Angry Boss (The year I created him)
    10. 2013- Bruceton (Again, the year I created him)
    11. 2014- Caillou
    12. 2015- Oscar
    13. 2015- Amanda
    14. 2015- Captain Underpants
    15. 2015- Maxwell
    16. 2015- Papa Louie
    17. 2015- Grandpa Gorilla
    18. 2015-…
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  • Sonny Slaven (TangentGrub4)
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  • Sonny Slaven (TangentGrub4)
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  • Sonny Slaven (TangentGrub4)

    Hey guys, as we all know, Empty Slot 3 has begun, and one of the newcomers is the very adorable Princess Unikitty from The Lego Movie. If I may, I'd like to show you guys this custom Unikitty moveset I made for All Star Smashers.

    All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Unikitty

    Entrance: Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land- Unikitty jumps on the stage saying "Hi! I am Princess Unikitty!"

    Inspiration Clip: (0:00-0:04)

    Neutral B: Unicorn Magic- Similar to Dark Helmet's Neutral B, Unikitty uses her unicorn magic to telekinetically grab opponents. If she doesn't grab opponents, she'll use her magic to summon Rainbow LEGO Bricks to build a rainbow-coloured item to help her during battle.

    Inspiration Clip: https://w…

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