Billy Slaven vs Smash Jarin00:03

Billy Slaven vs Smash Jarin

I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of the Separation Era. I've grown fond of the original characters and I'd like to continue to see them in the videos. So here's my attempt.

I've offered to draw the assets before on the original video, but I thought I might as well show a little bit of what I can do. I'm willing to draw as many assets as you need, and I'll make any changes you want me to.

Also I did a bit of redesigning for the Wildlife stage. I'll do that for other stages as well if you'd like.

You'll see the individual frames I used there on the right.

Smash Jarin Hurt (Frame 1)
Smash Jarin Normal Frame 2
Smash Jarin Normal Frame 3
Smash Jarin Normal Frame 1
Smash Jarin Hurt (Frame 2)
Billy Slaven Normal Frame 1
Billy Slaven Normal Frame 2
Billy Slaven Normal Frame 3
Billy Slaven Throwing Frame One
Billy Slaven Throwing Frame Two
Wildlife Redesigned

So there you are, hope you consider hiring me as the Arteest!

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