I know it's been too long since I last produced something, and don't worry, Sonny's sprites are on the way. I've drawn the idle but I still need to do the HUD and damage frames.

So I decided I would redesign the stages of the characters I have already done! I'll continue doing these with each set of sprites I release.

Differences from original stages and redesigns:

Unboxing Room: I changed the poster and put Ducktales onto Lee's TV. I also removed the sports logos, as I don't think Lee's really all that much into sports.

Elimination Station: Changed Puffball, Bubble, and Baymax to their non-Go!Animate selves. Also brightened some of the gradients.

Basildon Town Centre: I tried to find a picture of that location with no watermark, and it was surprisingly hard. I only managed to find one from some youtube vid. It's the same place, you can check.
Elimination Station
Basildon Town Centre
Unboxing Room

Also, I was thinking, if we were to have another character similar to Thin Air, it should be a Black Hole as opposed to Dust. We already have a rep for Earth, why not one for space? Plus there's lots of potential for a moveset, it could utilize space dust, planets, asteroids, ect as well as absorbing things.

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