This one is much better than the last one. Let me give the characters more conversations and let me give more lines to each character. I like it.


Smash Jarin: Last time, on Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition…

The screen begins to show clips from the last episode.

Smash Jarin: The competition began and it was a race to the finish for survival in the game. A rather large tangle started with Pete’s bus and it began to look like a tie- but Yuuki Ogata came just a bit short. Who will fall and who will survive another day in the challenge? Find out this episode on Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition!

The opening theme plays.

After that, Smash Jarin is at the elimination camp with Team Red.

Smash Jarin: Hello Team Red! As you know, last episode you lost the race. However, I am happy to say that all of you are safe with zero votes!

Team Red cheers.

Smash Jarin: Except Yuuki! He got two. You’re out!

Yuuki: WHAT??? No! I was supposed to win! This is an outrage! None of you respected my opinion! You’re all blocked! You…

A crane picks up Yuuki and carries him away as he babbles.

Bruceton: I ain’t surprised.

Dan Gough: Where do those cranes take the contestants anyway?

Smash Jarin: We drew inspiration from another elimination show…

Amanda, Tim Carter and Finn are sitting in a dark room. Suddenly Yuuki lands on the ground.

Finn: Welcome to the penalty cage.

Smash Jarin: And with that, you’re all one step closer to the palace in the springs. Congrats!

Team Red cheers.

Smash Jarin: And for our next challenge, we- oh, hold on, Team Purple’s still asleep.

Smash Jarin gets out a megaphone and directs it towards a purple-colored cabin.


Team Purple comes out of the cabin, groggy and tired.

Smash Jarin: Alright, your second challenge is to build a hotel!

The cast stands silently.

Lee: A hotel?

Angry Boss: You expect us to build a hotel with no experience or blueprints.

Smash Jarin: Who needs those? You’ve got your materials over there, start building!

The cast scrambles to their pile of materials.

Pete: How are we going to build a hotel with no knowledge on doing so?

Hilary: I don’t know, just start doing something!

Pete: At least my bus wouldn’t help in this challenge.

The shot zooms out. Everyone is carrying around bricks, tools and various objects.

Caillou: Everyone stop!

Team Purple stops.

Caillou: We need some sort of planning! I’m a huge fan of construction, I can lead!

Billy: Dude, you’re just a kid…

Sonny: And a whiny one at that!

Hilary: I say we listen to him. We need creativity to win and he’s the most imaginative out of the bunch.

Lee: Urgh… do we have to?

Hilary: If we want to win!

Lee: Fine.

It then fades to Caillou and the rest of Team Purple huddled around a sketch. The shot pans over to Team Red, who are just now lying down bricks.

Bruceton: HAH! They’re still planning! And they’re listening to a child at that!

Dan: We could use some planning.

Bruceton: We don’t need it! The challenge is to who can build their hotel the fastest.

Dan: I thought it was to build the best one.

Bruceton: Wait, was it? This host really fails to explain what’s going on.

The shot then cuts to Matthew talking to Brodi as they work.

Matthew: So, how does an alliance sound?

Brodi: An alliance? We’re only on the second episode and you’re trying to form alliances?

Talking Joe: I suppose we’ve already found the antagonist.

GG screeches in approval. The episode cuts to Matthew standing alone in front of the camera.

Matthew: Argh! No one wants to form an alliance with me! I guess I’ll have to find another way to get through…

Cameraman: This show doesn’t have confessionals.

Matthew: Oh.

The episode then cuts back to Team Purple doing much better than before. Everything’s more organized, and the hotel is much better looking.

Caillou: Remember! Make sure there’s enough support for the roof! And we have to make everything fancy to pander to Smash Jarin!

Hilary: On it!

The episode switches over to Team Red briefly. Everyone looks angry.

Brodi: Their hotel is coming out faster! We’re not working quickly enough, we gotta get ahead!

Matthew: Or we could just destroy theirs.

Brodi: That’s a terrible thing to do-

Matthew: Thin Air! Can you blow down the other hotel?

Cricket chirps play.

Matthew: What do you mean you can’t? Go out there and do it!

Thin Air flies over to Team Purple’s hotel, and blows as hard as he can. Nothing happens and he comes back.

Dan Gough: Did you seriously expect wind to be able to knock down bricks?

Matthew: Quiet you.

Oscar: Our only option now is to try our best!

A montage plays of the two teams building their hotels, and doing things such as using tools, hauling objects, and working together. Eventually a timelapse plays of them building from start to finish, and they’re done.

Team Purple’s hotel looks pretty fancy, it’s wide with two stories, white and gold paint, and a swimming pool. Team Red’s looks pretty good too, just a bit more shabby and unkept. It then zooms in on TJ and Oscar discussing.

Oscar: I don’t get the point of having Thin Air here either. I mean, he’s air. What’s the point?

A loud whirring sound is heard and Thin Air blows the two away. They crash into their own hotel with such force that the hotel collapses, leaving a pile of rubble.

Dan: Look what you’ve done!

Elouise: Now we’re going to lose for sure!

Team Purple looks overjoyed.

Ollie: There’s no competition- know we know who’s going to win for sure!

Tabatha: Quiet, everyone! Jarin’s coming!

Smash Jarin: Hello everyone! I’m here to review your hotels. With Team Purple’s, we have

The shot changes to what Jarin’s talking about whenever he mentions it.

Smash Jarin: A dining room, a Grade-A kitchen, a swimming pool, free-wifi, always-available room service, free parking and valet, and bouquets of flowers all around. Pretty impressive!

Caillou: Not bad for four years old, eh?

Smash Jarin: And for Team Red, we have a pile of rubble. Also I think Oscar’s dead.

Oscar is near crushed by the bricks.

Oscar: I wish.

Smash Jarin: Very obviously, Team Purple wins! And Team Red’s up for elimination once more! Remember, the people you can vote for are





Thin Air





Dan Gough

Team Purple cheers. Team Red groans. Talking Joe throws up a brick.

Lee: And to think if it weren’t for Caillou we wouldn’t have been here!

Smash Jarin: Additionally, as a prize- you now own this hotel, and all of the profits it makes will be split equally among you!

Team Purple cheers. Team Red groans. Oscar throws up two bricks.

Smash Jarin: Who will be going home? Who will last another day? Shouldn’t we be giving Oscar and TJ extreme medical attention right now? We’ll just see on the next episode of Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition!

The shot fades to black, but then fades into Matthew and Bruceton speaking.

Matthew: Our team’s going to be losing numbers now. We need to stick together. What do you say about an alliance?

Bruceton: I never thought you’d ask!

The two shake hands.

Bruceton: We’ll be unstoppable!

The two laugh like stereotypical villains as the shot fades out. The episode ends.

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