The first of many!


The camera pans over to Smash Jarin, standing cooly.

Smash Jarin: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition. I’m your host, Smash Jarin. As said previously, this is a character elimination show, so we’re going to need a cast. Oh, here come our contestants now!

The cast travels over to Jarin.

Elouise: Hello!

Smash Jarin: Good morning. Each of you will be put into one of two teams.

Angry Boss: Will be able to pick?

Smash Jarin: Nope! Elouise, Oscar, Bruceton, Matthew, Thin Air, Talking Joe, Grandpa Gorilla, Ollie, Brodi, Dan Gough and Yuuki, you’re on team Red.

Bruceton: No! I have to be on the Boss’s team!

Angry Boss: Thank god, I’m free!

Talking Joe: Does Thin Air even count as a contestant? It’s just oxygen.

TJ gets slapped by an invisible Thin Air.

Smash Jarin: Sonny, Brad, Harry, Caillou, Lee, Angry Boss, Hilary, Pete, Edward, Billy and Tabatha, you’re on…

Edward: Team Blue?

Smash Jarin: Team Purple!

Billy and Sonny high-five. Bruceton is disappointed.

Smash Jarin: Alright, your first challenge is-

Amanda: Hey, wait a moment!

The shot goes over to Amanda, Tim Carter and Finn, not in any particular team.

Amanda: What teams are we in?

Tim Carter: Yeah, you didn’t assign us.

Smash Jarin: There isn’t enough room for you. You’re eliminated!

Finn: Wha??

Three cranes come up very suddenly, pick up the three and steal them away.

Oscar: Amanda! No!

Pete: I don’t mind. That guy killed me once.

Smash Jarin: Alright. Your first challenge is a race to the finish! You must travel up this wet, muddy hill and then run down to the finish line. First team to get all of their members across wins.

Lee: Doesn’t Pete get an advantage with his enormous bus?

Smash Jarin: Shoosh you! Everyone head to the starting line.

At the starting line, all of the contestants stand in a row. Matthew notices the handles on the back of Pete’s bus.

Matthew: An easy way across!

Matthew grabs on.

Smash Jarin: Three, two, one, go!

Everyone starts running at various speeds. Ten seconds later, Yuuki starts to walk very slowly.

A shot of all of the contestants running up the muddy hill is shown.

Billy: See ya at the finish line, bro!

Sonny: Good luck!

The shot changes over to Hilary and Brodi.

Hilary: I am not going to be defeated by a little girl!

Brodi: Think again!

The shot then switches over to Caillou, running right behind Grandpa Gorilla. It shows his inner thoughts.

Caillou: Darn, he’s ahead of me! Now if only I could distract him…

Caillou sees a rock and immediately throws it at GG. He screeches loudly.

Caillou: Woops!

Grandpa Gorilla runs over to Caillou and starts chasing him. Caillou runs up hill and sees Matthew hanging on to Pete’s bus.

Pete: What’s making this thing so darned slow?

Caillou: Let me in, let me in, LET ME IN!

Caillou busts through the bus’s back doors, bringing Matthew and GG with him.

Pete stops at the hill. All of the other contestants pass by him.

Pete: You’re all getting out now!

Grandpa Gorilla smacks Pete and knocks him over. His head lands on the pedal, sending the bus flying forward.

The scene goes back to Hilary and Brodi racing.

Hilary: You’re out of your mind if you think- WOAH!

Hilary falls over and starts sliding on his stomach. Brodi hops on and uses him as a board.

Brodi: Not so high and mighty now! Wait, what’s that sound?

The bus immediately comes over and drives over them. Hilary grabs onto the back, sending them flying along with it. Brodi screams.

Edward notices he’s behind everybody.

Edward: That’s alright- I brought a secret weapon!

Edward grabs a bike out of nowhere and starts cycling down. He starts to go way faster than intended and is unable to steer. He starts going towards the bus and flies through the backdoors. His bike hits the windshield and partially cracks it.

Matthew: Could this get any worse?

The bus hits Lee, Brad, and Ollie. They’re flung on the top of the bus and cling on for dear life.

Caillou: Yeah.

Elouise, Oscar, Bruceton, Dan and TJ are running down the hill together.

TJ: I’ve got a raft with me. We could use it to slide down, seeing that the others are catching up.

Dan: What are you waiting for? Hurry!

TJ gets out his raft and everyone gets in and starts sliding down. Before they can get far, the bus hits them and they’re stuck to the windshield.

Bruceton: Yow! The bike tire hit my teeth!

Elouise: We’ve got worse problems than that! We’re going to crash!

The bus starts swerving around, hitting other people. Angry Boss, Brad, Harry, and Tabatha are all hit by the bus and are holding onto various parts.

Billy: Dude, look! Everyone is on Pete’s bus!

Sonny: We should get out of the way.

Billy: What, are you sawft? Grab on!

Billy and Sonny grab onto the car doors and start hollering as the bus crashes down.

Lee: I guess everyone’s on now.

The bus hits Thin Air.

Ollie: Now everyone is.

The bus is about to cross the finish line. Everyone screams as they are about to crash into a rock.

Bruceton: LOOK OUT!

The bus hits the rock, flinging everyone off of it and destroying the bus.

Pete: Augh, my bus!

Sonny: Augh, my spine!

TJ: So does that count as a tie? Everyone got here at once.

Smash Jarin: Not everyone!

Yuuki finally crosses the finish line.

Yuuki: Ey guys!

Team Red groans as Team Purple cheers.

Smash Jarin: And Team Red's up for elimination!

Matthew: We’re definitely voting them off.

Smash Jarin: Nope! Not how this works!

Bruceton: What??

Smash Jarin: The audience votes! Yes, you heard that right- you, the viewer, have the responsibility to vote! Whoever gets the most votes is kicked off the show. Remember, the characters up for elimination are:





Thin Air







Smash Jarin: Who’ll go home? We’ll just see in the next episode of Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition!

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