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Caillou and Harry are talking each other.

Caillou: Man, I can’t believe I’ve made it this far! I really expected to be voted out almost immediately due to the whole grounded thing. I guess I’ve redeemed myself!

Smash Jarin comes into shot very quickly, interrupting their conversation.


The crane comes and picks up Caillou and flings him into the penalty box. He lands very loudly.

Caillou: But I did nothing wrong!

Amanda: Welcome to the club.

Bruceton and Matthew look angry.

Bruceton: I was almost sure the boss would be eliminated!

Smash Jarin: Guess that plan was faulty because one of our only viewers made him! You two are idiots.

Matthew slaps Jarin. The opening theme plays.

Smash Jarin: Okay everyone, I’ve found a challenge in which you can’t possibly cause any disasters like you have the last three episodes. A water balloon fight!

Sonny high-fives Billy.

Billy: We’re going to rock this challenge!

Smash Jarin: The team to lose all of their members first loses. The battleground will be inside Team Purple’s hotel. You can get your water balloons from one of the many baskets scattered around the buildings.

Everyone goes into the nearby hotel.

Smash Jarin: You all get a five-minute head-start. Go!

Everyone runs off.

Billy: Let’s stick together to beat the other team!

Sonny: Sounds like a plan.

The two run to a basket and start grabbing balloons. Everyone is running around, preparing, and getting as many balloons as they can count.

A timelapse of the five-minute timer going down plays. It reaches zero.

Smash Jarin: Time’s up! The battle begins!

Everyone still in the lobby starts throwing balloons at each other. No one’s really hitting each other, until GG backs up by a staircase. Suddenly, a balloon hits him on his head and the shot pans up to Billy and Slaven at the top of the staircase.

Billy: Haha, got one already!

Smash Jarin: Grandpa Gorilla’s out!

Grandpa Gorilla screeches and leaves the area.


Dan Gough is walking with Elouise and Brodi along the side of the pool.

Dan Gough: We should try our best to stay low. If our enemies don’t know where we are…

A water balloon hits Brodi.

Brodi: Wha??

Smash Jarin: Brodi’s out!


Brad and Tabatha are hiding behind a support beam. Brad quietly says “Yes”!

Dan: Behind there!

Dan and Elouise throw balloons at the support beams. Brad and Tabatha run as the two continuously throw balloons. They keep hitting the beams but eventually Elouise hits Tabatha.

Tabatha: Ow!

Smash Jarin: Tabatha’s out!


Brad darts from the scene.

Elouise: That was my last balloon. Let’s go stock up.

Dan Gough: Agreed.

They both go to a nearby basket and get more balloons. Meanwhile, Lee is wandering the halls.

Lee: Where is everybody?

Lee hears snores coming from a hotel room. He goes in to find TJ sleeping.

Lee: Poor dude.

Lee throws a balloon at TJ. It has no effect on him, and he continues sleeping.

Smash Jarin: TJ’s out!


Dan Gough and Elouise wanders through a kitchen. They’re both whispering.

Dan Gough: We can plan in this quiet…

Elouise: Yeah, it sure is a good thing no one’s here.

A lower cabinet behind them opens up to reveal Billy inside. He throws a balloon but nearly misses. Billy quickly rushes out and runs as the two throw water balloons at him. He hides behind a counter and starts to fill up a pot with water in the sink.

Elouise: You can’t hide forever!

Billy hits her with a balloon. Dan runs towards Billy, but Billy throws the pot of water on the floor and Dan slips. The upper cabinet door opens to reveal Sonny, who hits Dan with a balloon.

Billy: Rad!

Smash Jarin: Nice one. Dan and Elouise are out!


Bruceton and Matthew travel through the lobby.

Bruceton: Ey look, it’s Pete and Hilary.

Matthew: We have to find some way to take them out… but Hilary has way better aim than we do.

Bruceton: Don’t worry, I’ve got something.

Bruceton ties a rope labeled “Bruceto-Rope” inbetween two support beams.

Bruceton: Ey losers!

Pete and Hilary look at Bruceton and Matthew and start throwing balloons. Bruceton and Matthew dodge them all.

Bruceton: If you want to get us you’ll have to catch us first!

Pete and Hilary run at Matthew and Bruceton. They trip over the wire, and Bruceton hits them with water balloons.

Bruceton: HAH!

Smash Jarin: Pete and Hilary are out!


Matthew: I didn’t expect you to pull that one off.

Bruceton: I know, I’m a genius!

The two run off to the hotel’s restaurant, only to find Angry Boss wandering around.

Bruceton: Get down!

Bruceton and Matthew duck behind some chairs. Bruceton grabs a water balloon.

Bruceton: If I hit that shelf of wine glasses, do you think it will hit him?

Matthew: It does look pretty creaky. Give it a shot.

Bruceton hits the shelf with the balloon. It lands on Angry Boss, who yelps in pain. Bruceton hits him with a balloon.

Matthew: You could’ve just hit him without breaking the glasses.

Bruceton: But this was funnier!

Smash Jarin: That was horrifying! Angry Boss is still out though.


Brad: Wow! I can’t believe I made it to the final ten!

Oscar falls off of a staircase and onto Brad. The water balloon Oscar was holding on pops.

Smash Jarin: Brad’s out!

Brad: Are you kidding me?

Smash Jarin: The balloon hit you, time to leave!

Oscar: Pfk… heasdk…



Ollie: Come on, Oscar.

Ollie picks up Oscar and starts carrying him over to Lee.

Ollie: Would you mind hitting us so I can just go and take care of him?

Lee: Sure.

Lee does so.

Smash Jarin: Wow, what a cop-out! Ollie and Oscar are out.


Bruceton and Matthew are standing.

Matthew: Let’s just chill out for a bit. I’m sure the rest of the morons will take care of themselves.

Billy and Sonny are hiding behind a wall.

Billy: Now’s our chance to take out our greatest enemies!

They both come out behind the wall and hit Matthew with a balloon.

Bruceton: You idiots! You’ll pay for this!

Bruceton runs off.

Smash Jarin: Matthew’s out!


Sonny: Let’s gather the other Team Purple members to take him out.

Bruceton gets to an enormous slingshot labeled “Bruceto-Slingshot”.

Bruceton: There won’t BE any other Team Purple members!

Bruceton gets three balloons. He puts one in the slingshot and aims it at a window. It bursts through, and hits Lee.

Lee: What?

He loads another and aims it at a tree, where Edward is hiding. It hits him.

Edward: How did they find me?

Bruceton loads the last balloon, and aims it away from the building. It flies a long distance and ricochets off of the Penalty Cage, flying over the hotel roof and hitting Harry.

Smash Jarin: Impressive! Lee, Edward, and Harry are out!


Sonny and Billy are wandering by the pool.

Billy: How did they knock everyone else out?

Sonny: We just have to stay alert.

A balloon comes from above and hits Billy, knocking him into the pool.

Smash Jarin: Billy’s out!


Sonny looks up to see that Bruceton had been on a nearby roof. He throws more balloons at Sonny, as he dodges them all. Bruceton starts laughing.

Sonny: I have to hit him!

As he’s running up the staircase, he notices a door that says roof access. He goes up and sees Bruceton’s back turned. He only has one balloon left.

Sonny: I’ve got one shot…!

Sonny throws a balloon at Bruceton. He turns around at the last second and his eyes widen.

Bruceton: Wait-

And the balloon hits him, knocking him off the roof and into the pool.

Smash Jarin: And Team Purple wins with just one player!

Billy: Nice one bro!

Bruceton: I am in such incredible pain right now.

Smash Jarin: Remember! The people you can vote for are:









Dan Gough

Smash Jarin: And that concludes another episode! Who’s going to the Penalty Cage? Who gets to see the next challenge? How did we go an entire episode without destroying the building? Find out next time on Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition!

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