We're here at the last elimination. I don't have too much to say, so let's just get goin.

Unfortunately, Jack did the votes incorrectly and accidentally voted for a character who was already eliminated (as I mistakenly included him on the list) so today, Randy will not be needed and only Sonny's votes will count. Sorry man :(

Sonny voted for Amanda, Talking Joe, Ollie, Lee, Brad and... Himself?! It turns out that Sonny voted for himself so Billy would have a better chance at getting in the finals. But then as Jack's votes didn't count, it was somewhat unnecessary to do. Oh well, it was a good sacrifice to make and Billy will make it to the final five.

Today, voting will go a bit differently. Now, you vote for the character you would like to WIN All Star Smashers Vote Out. If the votes are tied, Randy decides the winner.






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