We're here at the final round. But first, some announcements!

This blog is my second hundredth edit, neat! Also, season two will be coming out very soon. It'll be a lot more polished than season one, and I plan on attempting to add more content before I get to the votes. Otherwise it's no fun!

Speaking of votes, let's get to them. Yesterday you were voting on who should win All Star Smashers Vote Out. Well, there was one vote for Billy, and one vote for Oscar. So unfortunately, Randy the Randomizer has to step in once again.

1. Oscar

2. Billy

CONGRATULATIONS! Oscar is the winner of All Star Smashers Vote Out Season One! Sorry your bro lost, Sonny, but second place isn't a half bad ranking.

So thank you for voting, and I'll see you in season two!


1. Oscar

2. Billy

3. Harry and Pete

4. Amanda, Ollie, TJ, Brad, Lee, Sonny

5. Elouise, Brodi, GG, Dan, Hilary

6. Tim Carter, Finn, Tabatha, Edward

7. Thin Air, Matthew, Angry Boss

8. Caillou, Bruceton

9. Yuuki Ogata

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