• Randomfrog

    And I present to you the most pointless list ever. The ASS characters who have been shown in fights in series (regardless of how short or inconsequential), and the ones who haven't.

    • Lee Saunderson
    • Sonny Slaven
    • Brad Till
    • Oscar
    • Talking Joe
    • Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver
    • Hilary
    • Caillou
    • Chadtronic
    • Tim Carter
    • Angry Boss
    • Super Minecraft Kid

    • Matthew Whitehead
    • Harry Bradshaw
    • Brodi Welsford
    • Amanda the Panda
    • Smash Jarin
    • Edward Yui
    • Captain Underpants
    • Maxwell
    • Papa Louie
    • Garfield
    • Yuuki Ogata
    • Action 52
    • Finn Palmer
    • Billy Slaven
    • Thin Air
    • Bruceton
    • Dan Gough
    • Grandpa Gorilla

    What percentage of each era has been shown in fights?

    Limited Era - 50%

    Business Era - 60%

    Attention Era - 0%

    Invasion Era - 33%

    HTML Era - 37%

    Seperation Era - 10%

    Total Game (With Upcoming Characters) - 30% 

    Total Game (Witho…

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  • Randomfrog

    Title Screen Update

    November 2, 2017 by Randomfrog

    The title screen that I'm planning on using in the new version of the video. Of course, the original will make an appearance but will transition to this new one shortly afterwards.

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  • Randomfrog

    Chadtronic (again)

    October 25, 2017 by Randomfrog

    There was the first design, and that wasn't very good, so I redesigned it. And then there was the redesign, which wasn't very good, so I redesigned it.

    The third and hopefully last Chadtronic design...

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  • Randomfrog

    New Character Redesigns

    October 15, 2017 by Randomfrog

    I've sort of left you folks in the dark, haven't I? Been caught up with editing SMK's moveset. Anyways, I'll just leave a few of these recent designs here...

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  • Randomfrog

    Might as well. 

    • Lee Saunderson - Seems like a nice guy. The moveset itself wasn't very good, but he seems like a good person and he's pretty passionate about the things he likes. I remember when I didn't really get the point of this series I was desperately trying to find the sources of the original characters, and Lee was the only one I could find anything about. 
    • Sonny Slaven - He's cool. Moveset itself was pretty generic but All Star Smashers was still taking baby steps and it was a lot better than the first.
    • Brad Till - He's a good person but his videos are pretty boring. That's why my redesign of Till Track wasn't from one of his vids, I can't stand to comb through 500 videos of trains.
    • Matthew Whitehead - I like the "bumbling villain" ki…
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