• Randomfrog

    New Character Redesigns

    October 15, 2017 by Randomfrog

    I've sort of left you folks in the dark, haven't I? Been caught up with editing SMK's moveset. Anyways, I'll just leave a few of these recent designs here...

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  • Randomfrog

    Might as well. 

    • Lee Saunderson - Seems like a nice guy. The moveset itself wasn't very good, but he seems like a good person and he's pretty passionate about the things he likes. I remember when I didn't really get the point of this series I was desperately trying to find the sources of the original characters, and Lee was the only one I could find anything about. 
    • Sonny Slaven - He's cool. Moveset itself was pretty generic but All Star Smashers was still taking baby steps and it was a lot better than the first.
    • Brad Till - He's a good person but his videos are pretty boring. That's why my redesign of Till Track wasn't from one of his vids, I can't stand to comb through 500 videos of trains.
    • Matthew Whitehead - I like the "bumbling villain" ki…
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  • Randomfrog

    Here they are! HUDS and all!

    Also, I was thinking, maybe you could try and put out a small bit of content before the next moveset? Just something to tide your viewers over. Maybe an assist trophy, a piece of trivia about the series... I mean, if editing's the problem here I would be happy to participate. I've got Vegas and all.

    Also, make sure you're getting the full size for these pics! I'd hate for you to just be downloading the thumbnails by accident. Click full resolution on their file pages to get the highest quality.

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  • Randomfrog


    August 30, 2017 by Randomfrog

    Am I the only one who thinks that Agito90 is really lacking? Lawl X is considered fantastic but every moveset feels generic. Karl Pilkington is really where he peaked...

    I always wanted to start my own Lawl. You've seen my previous attempts with my Tim Rowett moveset, but with how hard I'm working on GES I just don't have the time.

    I'll get those sprites in soon, I just need to do the HUDS. That power armor is hard to draw.

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  • Randomfrog

    Videopad Code

    August 19, 2017 by Randomfrog

     Try this one out: 14668907-lkrkclhu

    Also what's with the rendering quality on some of those previews? Hope you can sort that out.

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