Since Yuuki Ogata is a dead channel, I'm replacing it to myself. My Neutral B will be Ray Gun Mark 12. I get the Ray Gun Mark 12. It is equipped with ray gun parts like Shotgun Part, Ray Gun Scope, Unlimited Bullets, and the small flag poster. Then it's equipped for you to use it. Like Hilary's Up B, it has amount of bullets like Cork Blast. My Side B will be Character Question. I ask the character a question. Here are my character question. 1st Question: The boss is: A: Mad B. Mud C. Dud. D. Aod Once the question is done, the move is used with 5/5 questions. My Up B is "Shut Up! To the time machine!" The random Business Friendly guy kicks me to the time machine which makes me to teleport to a ledge. Like Jaime Maussan's Portal Dimensional, I can choose where I can teleport. If he kicks the opponent, it will Star Ko them, so don't even think about spamming. My Down B is Lawl Source Material. I bring out an awesome Lawl Source Material to make a hiatus. Don't get hit for 5 seconds and..........The Lawl Source Material will boost up like Duck Hunt Duo's Can. Unlike Angry Boss's Down B, it can damage the opponent to big explosion that deals 999% damage with a OHKO. The stupider the source, the stupider it will explode. My Final Smash is The Biggest Vomit Treatment! I will say "Maybe we should make the cringyness treatment!" then I leave the stage and select where the adjective will be out. If you select a cringy video with no hurry, the cringy video will finally be selected. Each cringy videos will follow like this: STOP HATING ON MINECRAFT, Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths in Animes, Bleach Challenge, and Caillou poisons Rosie and gets grounded. And if the last clip makes everyone clean up the vomit, the Final Smash will bring us to the battlefield again. And then a lot of people vomit and gets OHKO'd. KO Sound 1: (in The King's Voice) Woah! KO Sound 2: (in Heavy's voice) DEAD! Star KO: Shiiiiiiiiiip!!! Screen KO: (in Toon Mario's voice) Oh! My KO Sounds don't use my voices, but they use John Di Micco's KO's. Up Taunt: "Not good at all." Side Taunt: "My Final Smash is awesome than the old man at the bus station!" Down Taunt: "Maybe I'm not good at all." (Eats a butter causing me to heal 0% damage) Victory 1: "Is that people enosence like me?" Victory 2: "I went away." (Walks away) Victory 3: "I'm late! I'm gonna run!" (Runs to Lawl) Victory 4 (only against Hilary) "Watch your language today!" Victory 5 (only against Yuuki) Fred? Who is this? The nonsense blocked horse like Fred? Lose Pose: Bangs myself in the head. This is for Zoo Tycoon 64, replace Yuuki Ogata with the Chincherrinas fan.

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