LittleCarlyYes AlvinHungNo

aka Mike Lincoln Christian

  • I live in USA, Japan, Dutch, Netherlands
  • I was born on May 5
  • My occupation is Comic maker, creator of the Loud House Intro Development, YouTuber, and the fan of SSBL. Think creative.
  • I am Male
  • LittleCarlyYes AlvinHungNo

    Since Yuuki Ogata is a dead channel, I'm replacing it to myself. My Neutral B will be Ray Gun Mark 12. I get the Ray Gun Mark 12. It is equipped with ray gun parts like Shotgun Part, Ray Gun Scope, Unlimited Bullets, and the small flag poster. Then it's equipped for you to use it. Like Hilary's Up B, it has amount of bullets like Cork Blast. My Side B will be Character Question. I ask the character a question. Here are my character question. 1st Question: The boss is: A: Mad B. Mud C. Dud. D. Aod Once the question is done, the move is used with 5/5 questions. My Up B is "Shut Up! To the time machine!" The random Business Friendly guy kicks me to the time machine which makes me to teleport to a ledge. Like Jaime Maussan's Portal …

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  • LittleCarlyYes AlvinHungNo

    I'm LittleCarlyYes AlvinHungMeh GoFagsNo, and I'm going to tell about Smash Bros. Lawl XRD, you can't be afraid to say no, everyone ask me to like Smash Bros Lawl XRD. But Smash Bros Lawl XRD will kill you. If you like Smash Bros Lawl XRD, go to hell before you die. Please.

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