There’s this Google doc that lists things that makes a Lawl terrible and I thought I could share my views on them as well as comparisons to my movesets etc. Please note one thing, and that’s do not expect me to mention every single flaw I have as an example to these rules. Chances are I won’t remember every detail in my videos without watching them myself but I’d be happy to know if I’ve missed anything because there’s a lot to consider on here that I want to improve on.

“Once per stock” Do I ever recall saying that in a video? Stock limits are not interesting enough for me to remember that part of a moveset so let me know if I have done this before.

“Moves with a cooldown that don't need a cooldown” This reminds me of Hilary’s Side B but it needed a cooldown since the electric blasts are supposed be supersonic so it doesn’t count.

“A cooldown in the form of a meter or other indicator on the HUD when it isn’t necessary” Like, Wario Waft doesn’t have that. Morshu and Soldier come to mind but I don’t own their movesets.

“Way too long cooldowns over a few seconds” Again, too boring for me to remember anything like that from the top of my head.

“Moves that leave an opponent open when spammed” ^

“Attacks with many possibilities not having all of them shown” But Jesus, 52?! I’ll nerf its Neutral B in the future anyway.

“Over-reliance on text explanation (Show, don't tell)” Things like “You can pick up and throw Action 52 itself as an attack” would be nit picking, right?

“Joke movesets that just add random negative effects instead of being creative” Let’s retrospect Sonny and Yuuki’s movesets:

Sonny getting the Black Egg in his Neutral B is a reference to the real parody Sonny made.

“Awesome” Fighting backfires on Sonny because he is busy fighting his friends like in the original video and accidently damages nearby opponents at the same time. Although I admit giving Sonny more damage than the opponents can get is pretty cruel since Sonny getting hurt every time he uses the move is bad enough.

Fluttershy backfiring on Sonny makes sense since she’s too shy to move around properly. (On another note, I considered Fluttershy a species back then different to the character like Yoshi and Toad. I say that not only because of comparing her in Lawl X but also because if Sonny is recovering while the angry boss is doing his codec of Bruceton or Grandpa Gorilla then the real Fluttershy is the one in the codec. According to Sonny himself, she works for Angry Boss’ company.)

Even Sonny himself didn’t get where the concept of a clone bomb originated from. In the original video, which was a short one, his bro’s original look chases his new look as a joke and I guess the newer one killed him with an exploding bomb (and maybe barrel, I don’t remember if I made that bit up or not). The explosion part is literally the only advantage to Sonny because… yeah he’s a joke character. Which didn’t even involve Sonny in the original video. Yeah, maybe his Down B was a bit filler looking back but this was my second moveset back in Summer 2014 so it was allowed to be a bad concept at the time. I could change that.

His Final Smash is far too funny to want to change that.

And now Yuuki Ogata:

Gibberish nonsense would work better as a Weirdness based move if it weren’t for the fact this moveset was supposed to be rushed.

“Bad Stats” is even more useless than it first looks because you can see how awful his default stats are in the stat chart. But again, the whole idea was to make a very rushed moveset.

A tsunami, well for a little kid that just jumps over you with it like he said in the original comment can’t be that big, which explains the tiny pushback.

And his Down B might as well be a side tilt but LOL!

Yeah, there’s a random negative effect in the Final Smash to, but this moveset was meant to represent exactly how irrelevant Yuuki is… because the truth is, ANYONE who’s too young for YouTube could type comments this… unexplainable. That Final Smash was the only move he had that was not based on any of his comments at all. It came from a video that… doesn’t even matter so neither does this joke moveset. It could literally represent any gibberish child commenter.

On another unrelated note, I do feel nowadays the original characters are a let down even for me because they’re not only based on moments people don’t know but they’re also based on my personal feelings and interpretations on them. So yeah a lot of things in ASS would definitely really confuse the audience.

“Not caring about Melee attacks at all.” I first felt that about YTPguy because he never showed any new ones outside of the KO Sounds scenes. Which annoyed me because I can’t get a good enough vision of how the characters would fight when they’re NOT using special moves. There’s also Agito but given his style, it doesn’t surprise me.

“Moves that say percentages instead of showing it” Watson and Agito come to mind.

“Explaining the basis of an attack using “It's like/unlike/similar to X” It’s ok to mention similar moves to describe yours as long as it has its differences.

“Taking attacks only from the first episode of a TV Show/first couple minutes of video game (ex: Konata)” Same goes for taking attacks that only come from one episode, it doesn’t matter if it’s the first. Unless they only have one really great episode.

“Final Smashes that are only OHKO’s” YoungLink14, MimeFan, Papa Louie, Angry Boss (depending on the opponent) and Bruceton’s guarantee KO’s. Remember that Chadtronic doesn’t always throw a Spiny Shell. Horrid Henry’s is avoidable if the opponent is stuck/unable to move/the stage is too big to run off before Henry turns back to normal. Things I didn’t mention was that Pete and Dincent Dan’s can be completely avoided. But I thought they were self-explained.

“Final Smashes that are only combos or cutscenes then something happens” I didn’t even have a recording device to make cutscenes nor was I very aware how to convert YouTube videos at the time I made my last moveset. And there were plenty of things that actually happened in Grandpa Gorilla’s. Plus I don’t even need a mic anymore to record certain audio.

“Overly long cutscenes that would completely break the pacing in a real match.” There was Angry Boss’ yell, I admit it there.

“Overly long Inspiration Clips” The only inspiration clips I ever did was MimeFan’s, Captain Underpants’ and the first 3 items. But since most of my upcoming characters actually do have footage and I now know how to convert clips, expect them if I continue.

“Overly complicated mechanics that only ruins gameplay more than anything” I don’t know about that.

“Taking moves from anywhere but its actual source” I don’t know what to do with Go!Caillou tbh. I always thought a moveset out of Grounded Videos would be pretty boring and ununique. You could say that the only reason Caillou actually got in to this day is due to his perfect role in The Stretch Squad. Should “characters only added as Story Mode filler” also be on this list? Not that most Lawlers have actually attempted this.

“An exception can be made for people whose characterizations come largely from unofficial sources (ex. The King)” There’s Caillou’s character from the grounded videos which I thought would work better for Lawl than the real Caillou. But his moves represent Caillou from the actual show because I don’t know what makes Go!Caillou’s potential different to any other character who got grounded other than the fact he is the most used one.

“Toon/Best” characters that only use stuff from the regular version of the character (ex Dr. Robotnik)” Heck, I really need to make more actual source characters.

“Having two Special Moves that are otherwise identical in execution.” I don’t think I’ve done that before.

“Self Explanatory” attacks” I already talked about Yuuki Ogata.

“Making Empty Slots with characters that you clearly don’t even know about” Blame YTPguy for that trend. Also what if there are characters I am interested in researching about in the future? I managed to get away with Chadtronic who I knew nothing about at the time of the second Empty Slot so I was pretty disappointed he won. In the end though, I was mighty proud I was able to do it.

“Making an entrance anything more than just the player entering the match (ex. Sans & Papyrus)” Depends on how iconic it is.

“Mixing inconsistent sources for a character’s sprites” I should pay more attention to the sources I use e.g. I didn’t give Garfield any moves from Garfield and Friends; I mostly used that source for more frames and audio.

“Using Pixel/Sprited frames for a Live Action Character (ex. Dross, EpicGamer252)” I didn’t do that with Chadtronic, the only real life person with proper sources I’ve made.

“Making it incredibly obvious that part of the sprites were drawn yourself” Yeah I did that sometimes with Talking Joe.

“Making no attempt to make the character’s sprites look believable (ex. Angry Joe)” Chadtronic needs a better standing position.

“Anything that only one or two characters make use of but every character requires having it” What?

“Arbitrary stats that see very limited use” I can see that weight covers defence.

“Mechanics like Zoolander's Fashion or Matt's Vanity included in a botched, unviable way (ex. Zoolander's Fashion, Mr. Krabs’ Wealth)” I’m not thaaat complex!

“Over reliance on unnecessarily summoning other characters instead of making it the character chosen (ex. Haruhi)” Does 2 moves from Garfield count as over reliance?

“Overusing certain characters when showing off attacks (ex. Madotsuki, Amy Rose...)” I deliberately did overuse Lee when showing off healing food.

“A lack of HUD when certain moves require more explanation on damage outputs or effects (ex. LotD, LLC)” Yeah it’s important to make the game look believable.

“Making a move that could be a normal with no or very little changing” I think I go over the top sometimes rather than that.

“Lazily done stages. A simple screenshot isn’t gonna make a good stage automatically.” As long as you can tell where you can walk on.

“Flat stages in general.” I know, right?

“Screenshotted stages with horrible angles.” I make the most of what I have. Like the new Banana Globe City.

“Stages with bad platform positioning.” The new Banana Globe City’s platforms need officialising.

“Stages with extremely dark platforms with an extremely dark background.” No no Thin Air’s definetly must be dark.

“Overly small stages.” More depends on the sources used.

“Slideshow Lawls.” There was a reason I cancelled Comedy Combat in favour of All Star Smashers.

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