Another scrapped one


As you can see, Finlay and Stefan have been replaced with Shrek the Dinosaur and Gary Warsop.

Shrek and Gary are already or will be assist trophies.

Again, these 18 guys were originally going to be the only characters in the game.

Here's how they all stand for now:

  1. Lee- Playable
  2. Sonny- Playable
  3. Brad- Playable
  4. Matthew- Playable
  5. Harry B- Playable
  6. Brodi- Playable
  7. Pete- Playable
  9. Edward- Playable
  10. Talking Joe- Playable
  11. Tim Carter- Coming Soon...
  12. Hilary- Playable
  13. Little Andrew- Assist Trophy
  14. Shrek the Dinosaur- Assist Trophy
  15. Dan- Coming Soon...
  16. Gary- Assist Trophy Coming Soon...
  17. Grandpa Gorilla- Coming Soon...
  18. Grouchy Gorilla- Either part of Grandpa Gorilla's Moveset or an Assist Trophy...

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