So I just looked back through all of my videos to determine things that I think I could've done better. As a result, I happened to list 'em all (plus, a couple of questions for you guys):

• First of all, all thumbnails need to have that splash of black ink. • Continue using the “Get Ready” sign. • Change some of Sonny’s normal attacks (some were too random). • Too many stages, so more of them should be changed to DLC content. • Some original characters are better off with non-GoAnimate looks (change to drawings). • Said characters may need original voices, not Text-To-Speech. • Some stages should be redrawn by my own art. Same goes for assist trophies, items, etc. • Just like I shown with Buzz, Frollo and Simba in Lee’s Neutral B now get their Disney looks. • Lee’s victory theme should be changed to something Looney Tunes-ish. • Remove Sonny’s first entrance (each character might as well just have one entrance). • Sonny should only have 2 KO Sounds, not 3. • Change Sonny’s Star KO Sound. • Change Sonny’s Option #3 in case he somehow beats Angry Boss! • Should I change Sonny’s lose pose as well? • Brad Till’s Neutral B should have a different name, in case of conflict with Jeremy Kyle. • Change Brad’s KO Sound #1 (it’s just weird). • Brad’s current Star KO sound should only be an Easter egg. • Because of that, he should have a new main Star KO Sound. • Brad’s lose pose will now be him retreating in an elevator angrily or upset. • The Space Jam Stage should still have shown hazards, e.g. the basketballer. • Matthew’s lose pose will be the same except Matthew might ride a spaceship while chased. • Speaking of appearance revamps, I’ll use an example: Harry B will look less like Obama. • When Harry B holds both apples in his Side B, his lowered jumping will be higher than shown b4. • Harry B’s Final Smash will play the actual “Madness” song only without the original lyrics. • Matthew’s Down Smash looks more like Megatron. • Harry B’s Side Taunt looks more like him pretending to fly like a bird, pretend crying. • Harry B’s lose pose was always meant to be him grabbing his crotch. So it’ll look more like that. • Brodi’s pawlette swaps will be revamped if she looks less anime. • Brodi can wear Link’s hat as her default look. • It takes longer for Brodi to get out her Master Sword in her entrance. • The plane in Brodi’s Up B in midair won’t be a paper plane. • Kirby is never a stick figure anymore in Brodi’s Down B. • Brodi’s Victory Theme should be something Zelda-ish. • Brodi’s Option #1 should be changed. • Oscar and Amanda never have Text-To-Speech voices anymore. • It should be harder to defeat the Chinese Dragon in Amanda’s Side B to make her even more OP. • Dark Amanda isn’t a stick figure anymore. • Dark Amanda’s Up B looks more like she’s rolling. • A Surprise from Ireland never uses Joey’s voice. • Harry B’s combo (“A sailor went to sea sea sea”) is faster. • Captain Underpants’ new voice will probably be the one from the upcoming movie. • Oscar says “Ow!” differently in his Screen KO Sound. • Oscar says his Option #1 and #3 in a different voice as well. • The item throw sound effect is played when Jarin throws a test (I know, who cares). • Smash Jarin’s Final Smash will be something completely different during 1on1s. • Amanda makes a yipping noise in her up tilt. • Talking Joe’s Down B should nose dive in midair as a nasty piranha drags the boat downwards. • Talking Joe’s Down B should increase TJ’s swim speed while on the boat. • Remind me to add “Swim Speed” on the Rankings. Tabatha or Amanda will probably top it. • The lighting looks different as a hazard in The House of Fear stage. • Pete dances like Mr. Six in his Option #1 like he does while driving the Six Flags bus. • Only the back of the bus is shown in Pete’s Option #2. • Note that Hilary never had 2 entrances. I just replaced its animation in Action 52’s moveset. • You can also use the control stick to swing Hilary’s golf club. • As I said on his page, if Hilary misses the enemy when he drops the Christmas dinner, it’s edible. • Hilary’s Final Smash could show actual football game footage. • The newt in one of TJ’s throws jumps up and down during vibration rather than spinning around. • Remember that the football pitch stage was replaced as of Chadtronic’s moveset. • Hilary’s Up Taunt and Option #1 look more realistic. • Uncle Gerald gives Hilary a thumb up in his Option #2 (could actually be a Bros Pose!). • Hilary scores an actual goal behind him before yelling out “GOAL!” in his Option #3. • Hilary’s Lose Pose is him complaining about the winner to his family. • His Lose Pose changes if he loses on his own stage. I showed you it in Chadtronic’s Option #3. • Lee Saunderson’s Classic Safari is not outdated except for the character icons on the maps. • Edward’s mum looks more Chinese in Edward’s Entrance. Same goes for Edward himself. • Like Harry B’s combo, Edward’s Neutral B damages quicker. • Edward covers his ears with his fingers in his Side Taunt. • Edward’s Up Taunt sounds less like “Yeah, me!” • Edward’s Lose Pose is kinda like Smosh’s. • More of Captain Underpants’ poses are taken from Dav Pilkey’s 2 animations of him. • Captain Underpants throws out the Toiletrope faster. • Gotta admit, Captain Underpants’ Down B should be something different. • Captain Underpants’ KO Sounds and Taunts might change depending on what’s in the movie. • Captain Underpants runs faster in his Option #3. • Maxwell poses differently in his Side B. • Maxwell’s Down B should also be changed (part of his Neutral B with the same function as b4). • Oops! I called Maxwell’s Final Smash the Create-O- THON! It’s called the Create-O-Tron. • Sonny, Matthew, Talking Joe, Edward and Captain Underpants’ adjectives will change. • In Papa Louie’s Down B, the oven can heat while the Papa fights. • Harry’s White House is replaced with “All Star Smashers HQ” (same location). • Papa Louie’s Up Tilt does not always have the “New Customer!” sign above him. • His Up Tilt is more powerful with the sign. • “Lawl Food” is changed to “Personal Food” from now on since they depend on the characters and not the series they’re from. Otherwise, e.g. Chubby heal would Amanda just as much as it heals Oscar. • Oh yeah, the football from Hilary’s old stage can appear in his current stage. • All music stops when Gio Compario sings. It’s just funnier like that. • The Talking Toilets, Little Andrew’s bus and Dan Gough’s Crocodile Clips actually damage Pete. I just made that error 3 times forgetting to damage Pete just because he’s on a bus, need to remember next time. • Remove Yuuki Ogata (NOPE JUST KIDDING!). • Picking up the Master Sword item depends on “Strength”, if that makes a difference. • The Behavior Card chart will get a rethink. • Any updated splash art pictures is present in The Stretch Squad cutscenes. • The “Level Complete” screen is now present at the end of every level so we can see what the trophies/stickers etc. are. • Action 52’s Star KO Sound will be changed, because it’s from Fix It Felix Jr. • Action 52’s Lose Pose involves it eventually disappearing in the 4 yellow orbs of death. • Finn Palmer always says “Hey I’m Grump!” in his entrance. • Finn waves around his closed fists angrily in his new Lose Pose. • The Road to School is renamed Radstock Museum. The place is famous and online anyway so I now think it’s safe to call it that. • Change how Chadtronic weirdly poses in his Down B. He might not even sit on a chair. • Chadtronic’s Side Taunt is changed to “WHAT THE FRICK?” • Should I make any other changes to Chadtronic’s moveset? Do you think I’ve used him to his potential? • Change Chadtronic’s clothes to blue in his Side Smash and Lose Pose (unless he’s fighting in his red Pawlette Swap). • Thin Air’s series icon will be changed. • Thin Air’s Final Smash will be something scarier. • Still working on Angry Boss’ new Final Smash system… • Bruceton’s Neutral B aim depends on Grumpiness instead. • Bruceton’s laughs longer if someone steps on the Bruceto-Whoopie if they’re grumpier. • Angry Boss yells “Get out of my office!” before throwing them. • If Dan Gough tosses oxygen at Thin Air in his Up B, Thin Air’s size will double for as long as the Super Mushroom usually allows. • I will announce than Dan and Grandpa Gorilla’s stages will get a complete revamp. • Dan Gough will not turn back to his original spot during his Side Smash. • Dan Gough’s Up Tilt is faster than shown. • I decided that Super Minecraft Kid will now use his appearance from Minecraft Animated instead. Cropping those sprites was a hell lot of work :P

So what do you think? Any nerfs I missed out, please let me know.

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