Here I will explain why the characters are ranked like that.

0. Thin Air

It's nothing! Lol.

1. Oscar

My favourite toy. Funny, childish and very cute. The highlight of all of Toyworld being the most obvious choice for the roster.

2. Amanda

YOU'RE SO CUTE AMANDA!!!! Amanda: I'm not cute! I'm chubby! Another toy with lots of moments and potential, being the Kung Fu Panda of Toyworld. However, she has different personalities which makes her even more interesting.

3. Tabatha

Tabatha's a nice toy. Being helpful and thoughtful as well as a decent role model to look up to. I also really like the aquantic stuff.

4. Ollie

A sidekick who despite having the initiative to become an epic team captain still gives the title to Oscar. He sometimes seems to act like a coward but trust me, he is tough. He just never has high thoughts on himself and treats himself as such a shy lonely character.

5. Grandpa Gorilla

You know why.

6. Garfield

He's a cat. Also though, he's the Mr. Bean of the comic strips. Everything's special about this fat feline. But I think I said enough.

7. Harry Hill

Gotta admit that this clown is hilarious! TV Burp is the funniest Harry Hill show to me. The way he makes fun of public television and smashes the fourth wall with his silly slapsticks. But which one is best? There's only one way to find out! FIGHT!

8. Otto Hill

Don't care what reception says, The Harry Hill Movie was absolutely hilarious. It was just never meant to have a serious or emotional plot in any way. If anything, it was more like a circus act than an actual movie. As for Otto, he is another goofy mad scientist who can't be serious. And he shouts a lot.

9. Hilary

My uncle. He's strong, loud and a shouty man at that who is never ever serious. To me at least. No, I'm not exagerrating, that's one of his special characteristics. You're lucky someone online even knows about him.

10. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver

The cheerful bus driving charm. This guy is one of the happiest people on the planet, making Obama look grumpy. His jokes, his driving slapsticks. Yes, he even took some driving stunts, such as unnecesserily beeping the horn. He's lucky he didn't get fired...

11. Captain Underpants

One of my favourite books. This novel series has something really special about it. The world of Captain Underpants has a lot to enjoy. It's silly toilet humour done right and done in very creative funny ways.

12. Professor Poopypants

No big surprise he's in the movie. I mean with a name like that, of course the world was gonna turn its back on him. He had a brilliant mind, inventing things to help mankind. Yet the one thing that was stopping him from being successful was his silly name. Because of that, I think I prefer him over the other Captain Underpants villains.

13. Harry B

A drunk bottom weirdo with lots of energy up his personality sleve. There is literally nothing to dislike about him.

14. Talking Joe

TJ's a cool guy. In the comics my friend and I wrote, TJ could say anything he wants, because he's gifted, ending him up into lots of interesting consequences.

15. Edward

One of the strangest in the bunch. He said a lot of hilarious garbage on the bus. He was one of the most entertaining passengers on the taxi as I laughed out loud everytime he says something leg pulling.

16. Finn Palmer

Oh boy Finn. If he found out I took pictures and videos of him for YouTube I would be in real dead meat. Anyway, Finn Palmer is a hilarious grump. Everything you do winds him up so it's so easy to get into trouble because of him. I normally just did that for pleasure because it was always funny to get caught by him for such irrelevant reasons/antics- until it actually happened.

17. Matthew

Ok, I was a bit mean to him in my All Star Smashers videos... but we all need a good silly annoying crybaby villain, don't we? Him getting into trouble were the best parts of him.

18. Greg Heffley

I've always been a huge fan of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, but I had no interest until now to use this source on a roster. Although he's a replication of what could happen in real life, he has a lot of very funny moments. He has a lazy, jerk personality which ends up in such awkward situations.

19. Horrid Henry

The best character in an obnonxiously annoying TV show. Most of the other characters were pretty annoying but Henry really rocked the show. His ego coated the sole of the series. So he's one of my favourite CITV characters.

20. Angry Boss

Yes, I actually think he's the funniest character in SSP. His robotic rage and roaring with anger almost makes him All Star Smasher's president.

21. Bruceton

Bruceton is also a funny guy! His trolling antics and successful attempts to anger his boss are what helps keep the running ending gag going without getting old. I'm just glad I didn't just put him on the Assist Trophies menu.

22. Dan Gough

Yeah, exactly what his Option #2 said. This guy was just so much fun!

23. Tim Carter

Even though he's just an ordinary english teacher, I love his chunkiness. I mean the way he walks and stomps around the classroom. He also made some quotes in that unintentional announcing voice that created potential memes. Guess he's not so ordinary after all.

24. Papa Louie

I grew up with this game. He's my Mario to me. As a kid if I got to choose an online game I could play, I would have picked this one hands down. It was lots of fun using the pepperbombs and boulders on the enemies and taking long rides on the blimp and Papa's parachute.

25. Chadtronic

I recently checked out this guy's channel and he's pretty funny! His hyperactive style of reacting to things and over the top screaming reminds me of Nostalgia Critic. He'd be higher up if I knew about him earlier but yeah, pretty underrated YouTuber.

26. Brad Till

He's our chap! I miss him, hope to see him again in the future... even if all he did was go up lifts. Although most of his videos were pretty boring despite him being an awesome friend and I don't find him AS interesting as the guys above him.

27. Brodi

Everyone has had a friend like Tomo Takino and this one was mine. She was a Zelda fanatic but I admit she can be a bit annoying.

28. Elouise

Elouise is one of Matthew's Pawlette Swaps and another student from my school of origin. She was one of the nicest there. Gotta admit though, she was only worthy as an alt.

29. Maxwell

Scribblenauts. Great game. One day, there was gonna be a game were anything could be summoned by your imagination's content. I will admit though, I prefer action games and Maxwell himself doesn't actually talk.

30. Lee Saunderson

(Talking about the character from his grounded videos.) Despite being the generic character, Grounded Videos were humourously bland enough to begin with, but this one is even funnier because of its hilariously bad grammar. I know it's not intentional, but it comes out funny on text-to-speech.

31. Sonny Slaven

Because anyone who was on Daniel Clayton's side would scowl me if I didn't put him here. Nah, just kidding. It's just that he's a joke character. Never to mention he has really weird videos.

32. Billy Slaven

Billy's cool. Would be good if we saw more of him in SSP.

33. MimeFan

Considering I know less about the guy, he was just a self-request which I took to add variety to the roster. The elimination show itself was good, but I doubt it's any different from the others.

34. Action 52

Action 52 - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 90

Action 52 - Angry Video Game Nerd - Episode 90

35. Super Minecraft Kid

Troll or not, I just can't take this damn kid seriously. Whever it's his acting skills in Minecraft Animated or hearing him cry over TF2, it was actually pretty sad to see him go. But I still like Nintendo (and BonziBUDDY).

36. Go!Caillou

Caillou is a stupid little four year old (or teenage) brat. Everything he does causes him to get grounded. He learns nothing from his mistakes.

37. Yuuki Ogata

Just the idea that this guy really thinks he should get a moveset is stupid. At least I had actual inspiration for my non-source characters.

38. Moody Margaret

Face facts, Margaret is a bitch. That doesn't make her a bad rival though.

Lulzage Ranks

Basically ranked from funniest to least funniest.

  1. Thin Air
  2. Super Minecraft Kid
  3. Harry Hill
  4. Otto Hill
  5. Garfield
  6. Edward
  7. President of the Old Toys
  8. Captain Underpants
  9. Professor Poopypants
  10. Angry Boss
  11. Bruceton
  12. Greg Heffley
  13. Finny Grumps
  14. Oscar
  15. Chadtronic
  16. Sonny Slaven
  17. Billy Slaven
  18. Lee the DVD Collector
  19. Weewoo Head
  20. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver
  21. Teacher Tim 
  22. Talking Joe
  23. Hilary
  24. Action 52
  25. Amanda
  26. Tabatha
  27. Ollie
  28. Horrid Henry
  29. Go!Caillou
  30. Dincent Dan
  31. MimeFan
  32. YoungLink14
  33. Bradders
  34. Yuuki Ogata
  35. Miss Pitshark
  36. Moody Margaret
  37. Grandpa Gorilla
  38. Papa Louie
  39. Maxwell