I remember the old days back when I thought Smash Bros Lawl was basically just Super Smash Bros. Meme only animated and with WAAAY more creativity.

As if the entire internet meme community completely revolves around anything that appeared in CD-I and DIC YTPs. (Plus Angry German Kid and Hitler parodies.) I can even remember that time when I asked on Lawl’s Facebook Page what Madotsuki’s got to do with internet memes. I honestly didn’t find that a stupid question at the time. I suppose questions like that were why this “Celebrities, YouTubePoops and Cults” thing came in.

And there used to be a lot of debates on who belonged in which section since almost everyone’s a meme nowadays.

Gotta give AGK lots of credit for introducing me to anything YTP/Meme related at all. All I wanted to do was find some “Swearing Ginger Baby” video on YouTube that my friend had told me about and basically, here I am. Never found that baby though :/

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