While I'm still mighty proud of my DLC Roster, I must admit:   It's pretty awkward introducing your own characters via Smash Bros. moveset (and with Go!Animate avatars too). I guarantee you I did NOT make any of the moves up with no inspiration...  ...well... except Grandpa Gorilla. I just HAD to make a moveset representing exotic wildlife.   If you want to know what's mainly in store for lots of my original characters, it's not gonna be done via videos. Nope, no Bro Show or anything like that but I've always wanted to make comic or novel series out of these guys. The reason I've not done a lot of them is because now I'm more mature, I want the series to feel special and not just any series the public people who don't care about reviews could just say "I thought it was really good" for simplistic reasons.  

   Representing actual media is only part of the inspiration of All Star Smashers.

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