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Talk Show
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Talk Room is a stage in All Star Smashers.


Starter SongsEdit

Saints Rw IV Soundtrack - King Me

Joyful- Acoustic tune

Hip Hop

WWE: Enzo Amore Theme - Sawft is a Sin

Action- East Coast

Game Grumps: The Next Daneration Trailer Song

Darren Young WWE Theme Song - Great Again

Unlockable SongsEdit

Russell Brand- Going Up- Win on this stage 10 times.

Living Colour - Cult Of Personality- Win on this stage 20 times.

Apollo Crews WWE Theme Song Cover (Apollo Nation)- Win on this stage 30 times.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic- Fluttershy's Lament- Summon Fluttershy 10 times. 

Fluttershy - Hush Now, Quiet Now (Sim Gretina Remix)- Summon Fluttershy 20 times.

Fluttershy - YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME! (Sparta Remix)- Summon Fluttershy 30 times.

TNA: "Moonlight Sonata" by Nicolas James- "Broken" Matt Hardy 4th Theme- DELETE those insepid mules, Yuuki Ogata and Super Minecraft Kid! (Kruel KO Yuuki and SMK on this stage as Sonny Slaven)

Results BackgroundEdit

Talk Room Results

Kruel KO CutsceneEdit

Kruel KO in Talk Room

Matthew is smashed into the window of the building which causes a huge explosion. Then White Houserz Adam Powell is shown tragically upset.

Inspiration Clip:


The Talk Room is the only stage (Thus far) to have a revealed Kruel KO.

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