Space Jam
Space Jam
Come on and slam!
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First Universe:

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Second Unknown
Third Unknown
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Space Jam is a stage in All Star Smashers. On this stage, there is a basketball that can be kicked around as an attack. If it hits one of the basketball nets, the scorer's respective Personal Food appears.


Starter SongsEdit

Space Jam Theme Song

Space jam- Let's get ready to rumble

Seal - Fly Like An Eagle

Coolio - The Winner


Monica - For You I Will - Win 1st on 2 on 2s 5 times.

Salt-N-Pepa - Upside Down (Round and Round) Win 1st on 3 on 1s 5 times.

Barry White And Chris Rock - Basketball Jones  Win 1st on 1 on 3s 5 times.

Slam the Targets! (Quad City DJ's vs SSBM) - Play on this stage 100 times.

Theme for Slamty and Kneeslams - Play on this stage 300 times.

Results BackgroundEdit

Space Jam Results

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