Rarity is a female unicorn pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She works as both a fashion designer and as a seamstress at her own shop in Ponyville, the Carousel Boutique. She represents the element of generosity. She is portrayed by Tabatha St. Germain.

How to unlock- Win 10 matches as Billy Slaven.

Entrance: Edit

Neutral B: Edit

Move Origin

Side B: Edit

Move Origin

Up B: Edit

Move Origin

Down B: Edit

Move Origin

Final Smash: Edit

Move Origin

KO Sounds and Taunts Edit

KO Sound #1:

KO Sound #2:

Star KO Sound:

Screen KO Sound:

Up Taunt: "Fighting's not really my thing, I'm more into fashion, but I'll rip you to pieces if you touch one scale on his cute little head!"

Side Taunt: She laughs.

Down Taunt: "Oh, I don't really think I need to ask permission darling."

Victory Options and Losage Edit

Option #1: "YES!!!!!"

Option #2: "You got what you deserved!"

Option #3: Does her duckface.

Option #4: (Only against Billy Slaven) Looks at him saying "It's an improvement, darling."

As a team with Billy: They both hug.


Normal Attacks, Special Moveset Music, KO, Taunt Music, Victory Music Edit

Aerial Attacks Edit

Up Aerial:

Neutral Aerial:

Down Aerial:

Forward Aerial:

Reverse Aerial:

Ground Attacks Edit

Up Tilt:

Neutral Attack:


Side Tilt: Punches the opponent.

Dash Attack:

Down Tilt:

Ledge/Get Up Attacks Edit


Get Up:

Smashes: Edit

Up Smash: Kicks upwards.

Side Smash: Delivers a flying kick to the opponent with a karate yell.

Down Smash: Slams Tom onto the ground.

Grab Moves: Edit

Grab: Magically grabs the opponent with her horn.


Forward Throw: Throws forward.

Reverse Throw: Throws backward.

Up Throw: Throws upwards.

Down Throw: Slams the opponent on the ground

Moveset Music: Fighting is Magic - Rarity's Theme

KO Sounds and Taunts Music: Art Of The Dress - Feat. Rarity (PonyFireStone Remix)

Victory Music: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Intro

Angry Boss Codec Edit

Angry Boss: Who the heck is this marshmallow-coloured unicorn?

Owen Maddox: That's Rarity. She's a fashion designer and the owner of the Carousel boutique, where every garment is chic, unique, and magnifique.

AB: That's a pretty good motto. Tell me more about her.

Maddox: Well, she is very generous, and as a result, represents the Element of Generosity. She also has a lot of gems and dresses to spare.

AB: Are you funking kidding me?

Maddox: Nope. but be careful, Rarity's quite skilled in martial arts.

AB: What?

Maddox: Trust me Boss, she'll rip you to pieces.

AB: Should I be scared?

Maddox: Darling, there's nothing to be scared of.

AB: Is there anything I should be scared of?

Maddox: Probably her Final Smash. When activated, she gets corrupted by dark magic known as Inspiration Manifestation.

AB: I don't know what that is...

Maddox: You should probably ask Billy to tell you more information about Rarity after this match.

AB: Alright then, I will.

Personal Data Edit

Height Edit

  • Small

Weight Edit

Sickness Edit

  • Getting Dirty

Powers Edit

  • Unicorn Magic
  • Close Combat
  • Whining
  • Carrying a giant boulder

Hobbies Edit


  • Equestria

Classic Safari Story Edit

Pawlette Swaps Edit

  • Rarity
  • Pink (Red)
  • Light Blue (Blue)
  •  ???
  •  ???
  • Billy Cosplay
  • G3 Colors (Based off Princess Rarity from the Runaway Rainbow)
  • Gala Dress
  • EQG Rarity

Trivia: Edit

  • Her role in All Star Smashers is currently unknown, but she did appear in one of Billy Slaven's alternate victory options.
  • She is one of the two Characters that also appear in Smash Bros. Lawl Toon. The other being Garfield

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