Owen Maddox is an employee of Angry Boss, and is The Boss' most loyal stooge, and acts as his advisor. He often informs AB about current events, and appears to be the smartest of his employees. He appears in Angry Boss Codecs and informs The Boss on who he's fighting, and explains their backstory. He has appeared in the codecs of Lee Saunderson, Sonny Slaven, Billy Slaven, Brad Till, Matthew Whitehead, Amanda the Panda, Oscar the White Tiger, Angry Boss, Bruceton, Maxwell, Otto Hill, Edward Yui, Hilary, Tim Carter, Dan Gough, Grandpa Gorilla, Brodi Welsford, Action 52, Thin Air and Yuuki Ogata.


  • Owen has the same face as Troll J's face, but they are NOT the same person
  • He is inspired by the Downfall Parodies version of Otto Gunchse. (And sadly no, Owen doesn't have an armoured form)