All Star Smashers 1ON1- Sonny Slaven vs Lee Saunderson-000:30

All Star Smashers 1ON1- Sonny Slaven vs Lee Saunderson-0

Lee Saunderson vs Sonny Slaven was the first ever video in All Star Smashers.

It was a 1-on-1 battle in the Grounded Rooms between Lee Saunderson and Sonny Slaven. Due to this being the first All Star Smashers video, it wasn't that good. There were no music, items, or special moves, just the characters and the stage. The winner of the fight was Lee Saunderson.


  • Both Lee and Sonny would later get movesets following the 1-on-1.
  • It was later revealed to be a fight scene in Story Mode: The Stretch Squad.

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