All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Lee Saunderson

All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Lee Saunderson

Lee Saunderson is a character from his "Danny gets Grounded" series on GoAnimate. He also has a YouTube account where he reviews and unboxes DVD's, which can be accessed here: Lee's channel. He fights to represent the Looney Tunes.

Entrance: Looney Tunes Hole

Lee Saunderson will come out of an opening portal from The Looney Tunes.

Move Origin

This hole appears in the opening of the original Looney Tunes cartoons.

Special Moves

Neutral B: Disney DVDs

Hold the B button and Lee Saunderson will shake open his DVD folder. Release B to open the folder and reveal a Disney DVD. Lee will hold onto that DVD until the player presses the A button to throw it. If it hits the ground, a famous Disney character will escape from the DVD.

If your Disney DVD was The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frollo will come out of it and he will walk across shooting hell fire.

If your Disney DVD was The Lion King, Simba will come out as a cub but then grows into an adult lion which roars to stun Lee's opponents making them run away.

If your Disney DVD was Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear will lift off. If he catches someone, he will try to lift them into the sky trying to Star KO them. Opponents can easily escape by spamming the A button. But if the opponent has enough damage (40% at least) they are likely to be doomed for good.

Move Origin

All Star Smashers Classic Safari- Lee Saunderson

All Star Smashers Classic Safari- Lee Saunderson

Lee likes to unbox and review DVD covers. However, the Disney Part only comes from his Disney Book showcasing video.

Side B: Bugs Battle

Bugs Bunny will appear in front of Lee saying "Hey, what's up Doc?". He will walk around the field of battle on his own and can be used anywhere. If Lee uses a shield, the carrot Bugs Bunny is holding will be slowly pulled into the shield. If it reaches Lee succesfully, he will get healed 6-12% damage cheering "Best Food!". Only one carrot can be used each time Bugs is summoned. Press Side B again to use him as a gun. Instead of shooting bullets though, he will yell "BANG!" mimicing a gun causing damage to anyone near him. However you can run out of "bullets" after 2-6 shots and Bugs will make clicking noises. This means Lee has ran out of ammo. Get rid of him by pressing Z and A. Bugs Bunny shares the same amount of damage Lee does, so if Lee has a lot of damage, Bugs can get KO'd by one of the opponents.

Move Origin

Bugs Bunny himself is one of the main characters of the Looney Tunes cartoon. There is a Looney Tunes episode where Bugs Bunny say "BANG! BANG!" imitating a gun to fool Elmer Fudd. The reason he is present in Lee's moveset is because the creator, while having no proof of this, remembers him as a Looney Tunes fan.

Up B: The Wonder Pets Fly Boat

Lee dances on a flying boat with Linny, Tuck and Ming Ming to, singing The Wonder Pets theme song. Every time you move the boat, flowers will pop out of the surface Lee was standing on before performing the move. These flowers can cause damage. If Lee reaches an animal which randomly appears somewhere on the stage, he will keep dance while getting healed until either he jumps or gets attacked by an opponent. You can also jump off the Wonder Boat to get off.

Move Origin

Lee actually likes The Wonder Pets in real life and likes singing the song. However, in his "Danny gets Grounded" series, he (being Danny) hates them.

Down B: Duck Hammer

Lee will send Daffy Duck walking in front of him. Every second he will stop walking. After a second, he continues walking. If he was chasing an opponent before he stopped, he will continue after them. He can also duck and crawl through obstacles. If he manages to wham his hammer at an opponent, he or she will be stunned given 8% damage. The more damage an opponent has, the dizzier they will get.

Move Origin

His presence is for the same reason as Bugs Bunny. The "Swinging Hammer" part is based on a made up skit the creator made based on Edward's Final Smash.

Final Smash: The Boys of Chorus

Lee Saunderson will count "A one two, a one two, a one two three four". Then, Bugs Bunny and the three boys of chorus will show up dancing from one side to the other causing damage to anyone they bump into. If one of these boys or Bugs Bunny is in range of an opponent when they leave the stage, they will drag him or her off the stage. If Lee was using his Side B, during this smash, Bugs Bunny will automatically disappear. If an opponent is being dragged of stage but crosses Lee, he will take him or her, lift them up into the sky and throws them at a basketball net. If the opponent goes into the net, they will get KO'd but if not, they just get damaged by either the edges of the net, or the ground.

Move Origin

Once again, this comes from a certain Looney Tunes episode.

KO Sounds and Taunts

KO 1: Oh oh!

KO 2: Im Sorry dad!

Star KO: Oh my god, I hate the wonder pets, it's kill time!

Screen KO: Wao!!

Bugs Bunny's KO Sound 1: Hey!

Bugs Bunny's KO Sound 2: Doc!

Up Taunt: Dances happily.

Side Taunt: Says "This Is Serious!" like in The Wonder Pets.

Down Taunt: Holds a bank note saying "Make 1000 pungers for jevney food." This would be used to convince the opponent to come forward and try steal the bank note.

Victory Options and Losage

Option #1: Crosses his arms happily saying "Best Food".

Option #2: Celebrates holding a gun saying "Yay, the wonder pets are dead for good!"

Option #3: Leaves a Looney Tunes intro portal which says the words "That's all folks!" after Lee is gone.

Losage: Lee sits on a sofa crying while his dad calling Danny for grounding him for losing the battle.

Normal Attacks, Special Moveset Music, KO, Taunt Music, Victory Music

Aerial Attacks

Up Aerial: Lifts up a fat guy in a chair.

Neutral Aerial: Tazz spins around similar to Sonic.

Down Aerial: Drops a Disney Book.

Forward Aerial: Throws Tuck the tortoise.

Reverse Aerial: Swipes a carrot saying "Eat this carrot".

Ground Attacks

Up Tilt: Punches with his fists on top of him.

Neutral Attack: Punches

Combo: Points then kicks.

Side Tilt: Teleports forward holding a gun.

Dash Attack: Runs forward with a shelf or boat on top of him singing an animal song.

Down Tilt: Kicks in front of him.

Ledge/Get Up Attacks

Ledge: A coyote will wham a hammer that will make Lee hop back on the stage.

Get Up: Same as his Up Tilt.


Up Smash: Tweety Pie and Sylvester appear under a basket ball court and Tweeties kicks a basketball at him and launches over the court before landing back on the ground.

Side Smash: Points yelling "GROUNDED!"

Down Smash: Lee suddenly gets fat running forwards and backwards while he panics.

Grab Moves:

Grab: Lee catches the opponent using his hands.

Pummel: Hits the opponent will a toilet roll hanger.

Forward Throw: Does a "Fearful" pose to throw the enemy.

Reverse Throw: Does a bland back kick from Danny misbehaves at mcdonalds.

Up Throw: Lee does a cheerful "Shoryuken!"

Down Throw: Elmer Fudd (with Stewie's eyes) shoots the opponent down with explosions.

Moveset Music

GoAnimate OST - Busy Afternoon

KO Sounds and Taunts Music

GoAnimate OST - Funky Mama

Victory Music

The Looney Tunes Theme

Angry Boss Codec

Angry Boss: Who the heck is Lee Saunderson?

Owen: Boss, we have news that the Lee you see here is actually Danny Robinson from his Danny gets grounded series. 

Victor Vam Pire: It's a guy grounded by Danny's Dad for eating 199 chicken nuggets, 100 cokes and 100,000 hamburgers. 

Angry Boss: That Looney Loonatic...

Owen: Watch out for Lee Saunderson's Down Smash. If he eats too much, he can swallow you whole. 

Angry Boss: Are you funking kidding me?! I do not like him! Because of that, he sucks. 

Jeremy Gilman: Boss, you are trolling us, right? 

Angry Boss: Of course I'm not, you fools. Now tell me he can ground Bruceton. Bruceton! Bruceton!

Personal Data


Cartoon Size


All Around (He is losing weight)


  • The Wonder Pets
  • Edward Annoying Him
  • Getting Grounded


  • Bringing DVDs to life
  • Riding a Fly Boat
  • Getting Fat


  • Reviewing DVDs
  • Watching DuckTales
  • Unboxing DVDs
  • Getting himself grounded


  • England

Classic Safari Story

"After talking about and boxing all these DVDs, his room had suddenly filled up. He got shoved to the window and far far away from home. The thing is, he's not supposed to run out of the boundaries- he is still grounded. But this time, he doesn't care. Because his only wish is to ground his dad. And he's only gonna do that by winning the tournament."

Classic Safari Theme

Looney Tunes Opening 1

Classic Safari Ending

"Lee was so happy to finally defeat Barney so Barney congratulated him and sent him home with a prize. He walked his way with a doll of Barney to show the world his win. He stopped at night time halfway through to tell the doll his wish...

So from now on, there will be more of these kinds of videos (Grounded Videos)."

Classic Safari Quotes

To Brad Till: "You know Brad, once I tell your mum you went on a train without asking, she will kill you big time!"

To Oscar the White Tiger: "...And The Beetles Movie was so bad, it never came out to the real world with a back cover!"

To Papa Louie: "Best Food is the "Best".

To Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver: "Yey, that was a great ride. Wish my Dad was here..."

To Harry Bradshaw: "Hey, what's up, drunk?"

To Horrid Henry: "Henry, you're grounded! Go to your room right now!"

To Hilary: "I'll take 1000 pungers for every muscle."

To Talking Joe: "Happy Birthday by the way!"

To Smash Jarin: "Don't worry, your show still gets the prize vote!"

Rival Scripts

Bold= Lee's Lines

To Matthew

"Gasp! Is that the new season of Doctor Who DVD?!"

"Yes it is? Wanna watch it with me?"

"Ey! I don't want your stinky paws on mah wildlife! Now gimme the DVD!"

"How about no?"

"Lee, do you want me to exterminate you?"

"If that's what you're gonna be like, then tell that to Mr. Ambler."


(Matthew crosses his finger across his neck to say he's going to kill him.)

"Oh my god, I hate the "Ck" thing, it's kill time!"

If Lee Loses

"Time to exterminate you!"

If Matthew Loses

"I'm going to take the DVD back to the DVD shop."

To Sonny Slaven

"Bobby? Is that you?"

"Hey, what's up Doc? No. Now bow down to the king of GoAnimate. This battle will be easy."

"You? King? All you ever did in your GoLife was make grounded videos."

"Says the guy who tries to flood his bro with a tsunami of character suggestions."

"Hey! Let me do the joking around here."

"It's no wonder you were given a joke moveset!"

"Egad! Let's fight!"

If Lee Loses

"Lee Saunderson, there's only ONE WORD to describe you. And I'm gonna spell it out for ya: S. A. W. F. T. SAWFT!"

If Sonny Loses

"I may be the king of the tournament, Sonny, but you will always be the joker."

Role in the Stretch Squad

Lee first appears in Road To Train Station, where he's first seen watching Nick Jr on TV. But once The Wonder Pets comes on, he goes off to kill them, but is stopped by Sonny Slaven who confronts and fights him, which Lee wins. After the battle, Lee's Dad comes in and proceeds to ground him. But this causes Lee to explode in anger, yelling at his dad for all the times he grounded him, and proceeds to burn down and destroy his house, turning both his dad and Sonny into trophies. But doing so results in Lee becoming homeless. To mke matters worse, he begins to get pursued by Dumb Daleks.

Eventually, Lee reaches a dead end, and the Daleks make him fat. But thankfully, Brad Till comes to his Bro's rescue, (Despite accidentally landing on  him with an elevator in the process) Lee then joins Brad to fight the fleeing Dumb Daleks.

Sometime later, they arrive at a train station, but are attacked by Go!Caillou, who fires a trophy gun at Lee, but Brad deflects the gun with an elevator, then both of them fight and defeat Go!Caillou. Then a train arrives and Lee and Brad enter it.


  • He along with Brodi Welsford and Talking Joe are the only original characters in All Star Smashers to have a series icon from an official series as part of their representation. As a result, Lee is sort of like Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Michael Jordan from Space Jam representing both Looney Tunes and Disney characters despite not being a major character from either universes.

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