The point of Eras are to keep track of how well a series has grown out to be, starting from just a simple idea made only by motivation, to a continuing long running series. Here is the series timeline as of today:

Grounded Era Edit

The very first video of All Star Smashers started at a time grounded videos were going to be the main focus due to its odd popularity. But then one day, Exotix 7 decided to put his GoAnimating skills to the test by making a Super Smash Bros. based battle consisting of only 2 characters and their normal attacks. These 2 characters were Lee Saunderson and Sonny Slaven. There was no music, entrances, damage counts or a KO blast just the characters and the stage. The winner of the fight was Lee Saunderson. It was unknown what these characters' special moves were. For some reason, a victory theme wasn't added either (but it did in future videos).

All Star Smashers 1ON1- Sonny Slaven vs Lee Saunderson00:30

All Star Smashers 1ON1- Sonny Slaven vs Lee Saunderson

It was later revealed to be a fight scene in Story Mode: The Stretch Squad.

Limited EraEdit

It was named the "Limited Era" because at that time, every special move had to be released in a separate video due to the 30 second time limit since GoAnimate is a business site. On YouTube however, the movesets came in full packages all thanks to the YouTube Video Editor.

It was decided that confirmed fighters, Lee Saunderson and Sonny Slaven would get movesets like Smash Bros Lawl. Lee Saunderson's moveset was in the works first, and Sonny Slaven's was second. In the Intro of Lee's moveset, 6 characters were shown on the character selection screen, which showed Lee, Sonny, Brad Till, Matthew Whitehead, Harry Bradshaw and Brodi Welsford. Along with these 6 were question marks on the bottom revealing future playable characters. All 6 of these characters got their movesets in this era. Plus, after a hiatus, Amanda the Panda and Oscar the White Tiger were also made in this Era.

First Roster

The first version of the roster revealing the first 6 characters.

Business EraEdit

It was called the "the Business Era" because Exotix 7 had upgraded his Go!Animate account to some business upgrade for one year. He did it so he could make full videos on his account and also so he can make a proper avatar for Smash Jarin and some other custom made characters. Everyone from him to Edward were made in that era. Lee also had his Classic Safari in that era.

Ironically, Captain Underpants first appeared on the roster in that era even though he got his moveset the era after.

Roster 14 with Jarin Upgrade

Attention EraEdit

File:Roster 18.png

This was the era All Star Smashers started getting a lot of attention.

This era began as soon as Captain Underpants' moveset was released. After his moveset, an Empty Slot came with potential ideas for official characters and characters requested by the viewers being the candidates.

The Winner's Moveset came after Maxwell, Papa Louie and Horrid Henry's movesets. In the outro to the Papa's moveset, the winner of the Empty Slot was revealed to be Garfield.

Later on, non-sensical YouTuber Yuuki Ogata was given a moveset, as the second Joke Character on the roster. (As well as the only Original character in the Attention Era.)

Invasion EraEdit

File:Roster 30.png

This era was named after the invasion in The Stretch Squad where levels of this mode started taking place in that era.

This era began, immediately after the Items showcase. The first video of this new era was the second All Star Smashers Empty Slot, which included some new faces, and all the characters from the first one, with the exception of Garfield and Action 52

Following this, the first level of the Story Mode: The Stretch Squad was revealed, which also revealed a new character:Caillou.

Following him was Action 52, who was a runner-up from the 1st Empty Slot. During the KO Sounds and Taunts of his moveset, 6 more playable characters were revealed. They were Finn Palmer, Tim Carter, Angry Boss, Bruceton, Dan Gough and Grandpa Gorilla. Only Finn was made in this Era though.

After Finn's moveset, the results for Empty Slot 2 came early, where the winner was revealed to be Chadtronic.

HTML EraEdit

The HTML Era began when Go!Animate migrated off to HTML5 and all the older themes were removed. Luckily, Exotix 7 was prepared for that and saved all the avatars he needed to make his upcoming movesets.

It's first installment was Chadtronic's moveset and All Star Smashers received a massive revamp, to look more like Super Smash Bros 4. Soon after, another character was also confirmed, that being Sonny Slaven's younger brother, Billy Slaven. His moveset was uploaded straight after Chad's moveset.

A week after Sherlock's House, another surprise inclusion was added. This character was literally nothing at all, better known as Thin Air. In the outro to its moveset, it was revealed the following 3 movesets would be Tim Carter, Angry Boss, and Bruceton. After The Boss' moveset, a tournament was created to determine the winner of Empty Slot 3, with a few new faces, as well as the return of all the Empty Slot 2 candidates, with the exception of Chadtronic, Billy Slaven, Diesel and Megan Williams.

Following Bruceton's moveset were the movesets of Dincent Dan Gough and Grandpa Gorilla.

End of the Crater EraEdit

Named after reaching the final stop of the Business Plan journey. It began with a new narrator video of Jack Mayhew himself, as well as a bonus feature showcasing Matthew Whitehead's special Pawlette Swap, Elouise Pitman and details on the stages UnBoxing Room, Space Jam and Chubby Life.

After this video, Exotix 7's Business Plan expired, ending this Era and putting All Star Smashers on hiatus.

Exotix 7 had much less time in his hand making this the only Era that didn't have any Character Movesets. (Unless Elouise counts)

Separation EraEdit

Despite the hiatus, Exotix 7 has continued to make plans for All Star Smashers, including a new Era when he is able to make All Star Smashers videos again. After initially not having a name Jack decided to name the new Era the Separation Era. It was called this after the announcement that all of the Original characters were gonna be made DLC while the Official Characters remained on the normal roster.

As well as a new Era, Jack has also planned for 8 new characters, all of which will have their movesets take place in the Separation Era. They are Super Minecraft Kid, Empty Slot 3 winner Greg Heffley, Harry Hill, Otto Hill, Tabatha the Tortoise, Ollie the Snow Leopard, Moody Margaret and Professor Poopypants.

Shortly after the announcement of the new Era, the 4th All Star Smashers Empty Slot was announced, which included both veterans and newcomers. And during the midst of this Empty Slot, Jack announced a 5th Empty Slot was going to take place alongside the 4th one. It was later revealed that the winners of these 2 Empty Slots were Steve Burns and Fred Flintstone respectively. Both of their movesets will take place after Professor Poopypants.

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