Epic Norm Stage
Slaven's Reaction Room
Don't Call Me Epic!!!
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Second Unknown
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Epic Norm Stage is a stage in All Star Smashers.

How To Unlock This StageEdit

KO 100 times.


Starter SongsEdit

10 minutes of Epic Norm

Norm Gets Mad At All The Haters On YouTube,Biggest Freakout Ever Rant--REMIX--

How to Play- Super Smash Flash 1

Epic Sax Guy [Electro & House/Dubstep Mix ]

Scatman John- I'm a Scatman

Unlockable SongsEdit

Five Nights At Freddy's Theme Song- Beat Classic Safari as either Brodi or Smash Jarin.

Shut The Fuck Up(Prod By Lex Luger) - Kill Sonny 900 times.

Epic Sax (Airhorn Remix) - Clear classic safari as Bruceton

Results BackgroundEdit

Norm Results

Stage OriginEdit

This is the same room as the one NormsBarStool was at when he continously swore and ranted about the trolls on YouTube telling him he's fat. It is also inspired by Jack Mayhew's Custom Loop.

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