Character Rankings are how characters stack up in different statistics.

Category Descriptions

  • Weight is the calculation of how heavy a character plays or feels. Weight plays a major role in determining knockback; while heavyweights may be harder to knock off-stage, lightweights may be easier to KO. Weight is also normally paired up with speed and power.
  • Walk Speed determines how fast or slow a character moves during their walking animation. This gives characters some ground mobility, but not too much.
  • Dash Speed determines how fast or slow a character moves during their running/dashing animation. Like walking speed, this stat does well in giving characters their mobility on the ground, as it is seen as being more useful.
  • Air Speed determines how some characters move in the air. This adds a new category in air mobility that some characters that may lack land mobility can utilize.
  • Fall Speed determines how a character deals with falling in midair. Falling speed can play a major role in how well a character can recover. Unlike the other base stats, lower falling speed is normally a good thing.
  • Swim Speed determines how fast or slow a character moves during their swimming animation. This gives characters some mobility in the water, for instance, the sea in Harry's Island.
  • Strength is how much damage and knockback a character's normal attacks cause. Usually, weaker attacks make it up by being faster while the more powerful attacks are slower. However, this is not always the case.
  • Defence is how resistant a character is to being damaged. A high amount of defence is usually a good thing since it makes it harder to knock them off the stage.
  • Day Rank determines when during Classic Safari Mode a character will appear. Characters in Classic Rank Low appear before the Fat Sandbag (or whatever other Bonus Stage played), while Classic Rank Top characters appear after the first rival and before the second rival.
  • Nationality represents where in the world (or universe) the character originates from.
  • Horniness (see Mr. Bean's "If you know what I mean" face) is how attracted a character becomes to something that can be seen as arousing. Normally, Horniness can immobilize a horny opponent and stun them temporarily. Stun time depends on this stat, the higher it is, the longer they are stunned, and vice versa. Typically, Horniness is higher in male characters than female.
  • Patience is how tolerant a character is to something boring or monotonous. The less patient a character is, the less tolerant they are towards boring things. For example, Brad Till makes use of Patience.
  • Weird is how far a character is from being a generic person like those "extras" nobody would care about in the scenes of a movie. Characters with high weirdness can typically tolerate the weirder things thrown at them. Likewise, characters that are less weird tend to become weirded out easier.
  • Jump Height is basically how high a character can jump.
  • IQ is overall how smart a character is. Similar to Weirdness, IQ also determines how tolerant a character is to something stupid. Smash Jarin makes use of this with his tests.
  • Ego is how egotistical or how highly a character thinks of themselves. When a character has a high ego, then they feel better when complimented, as they normally think highly of themselves.
  • Darkness is the measure of how much darkness rests within a character's heart. High Darkness is associated with characters with low moral standards or villainous tendencies. Brodi Welsford and Amanda the Panda are examples of this use.
  • The Grump Factor (see Egoraptor's Grump face) is how wound up a character gets because of something that could be annoying. Bruceton, Billy Slaven's Up Taunt and the Gio Compario Assist Trophy makes use of this. It is measured in a scale of 1-6, Number 1 always being the highest.
Behavior Cards

Divine Behaviour


Good Behaviour

Pink, Purple, Blue and Green

Neutral Behaviour

White and Yellow

Bad Behaviour

Orange, Red, Grey and Brown

Absolute Dead Meat


  • Debut: The year this character was discovered in or made its debut. All Star Safari orders characters to be fought from first to most recently discovered or debuted.
  • Adjective: Every character has a unique adjective which describes them. In Maxwell's Final Smash, the adjective from each character caught in the Create-O-Tron will describe the object that is going to be summoned. If two adjectives are the complete opposite of each other, they both cancel out :(


  1. Lee Saunderson- Grounded (The object will stay on the ground)
  2. Sonny Slaven- Egging (The object will throw eggs at opponents, slowing them down)
  3. Brad Till- Elevating (The object will teleport upwards)
  4. Matthew Whitehead- Weewoo Headed (The object will annoy people with its "weewoo" noises depending on The Grump Factor)
  5. Harry Bradshaw- Drunk (The object will damage people when it's moving)
  6. Brodi Welsford- Energetic (The object will go faster with less control over itself)
  7. Amanda- Violent (The object will do deadly attacks)
  8. Oscar- Chubby (The object will be wider)
  9. Smash Jarin- Random (The object will do random actions)
  10. Talking Joe- Gifted (The object will say names of other objects which brings them to life)
  11. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver- Cheerful (The object remains happy and does nothing harmful)
  12. Hilary- Strong (The object will do more major damage and knockback)
  13. Edward- Earplugged (The object doesn't respond to anything vocal)
  14. Captain Underpants- Underpanty (The object summons wedgie power on the opponents)
  15. Maxwell- Scribbling (The object will attack by scribbling)
  16. Papa Louie- Cooking (The object will provide food for Maxwell)
  17. Horrid Henry- Horrid (The object does horrid things)
  18. Garfield- Greedy (The object will eat anyone in one gulp)
  19. Yuuki Ogata- Nonsense (The object does things for no reason)
  20. Caillou- Crybaby (The object attacks using tears)
  21. Action 52- Glitchy (The object turns things into glitches. If this adjective is used on April Fool's Day, the entire game will crash)
  22. Finn Palmer- Grumpy (The object remains angry throughout. This means the heat from its anger will slow everyone down)
  23. Chadtronic- Reactive (The object reacts to the battle which prevents its other actions)
  24. Billy Slaven- Vocal (The object will serenade the competition by singing a random song)
  25. Thin Air- Oxygenated (The object blows extra air into the opponents making them pop)
  26. Tim Carter- Educational (The object will bore someone on the spot to sleep)
  27. Angry Boss- Ranting (The object will continuously attack by using angry rants)
  28. Bruceton- Pranking (The object will use pranks to troll other opponents)
  29. Dan Gough- Scientific (The object uses a random element on an opponent)
  30. Grandpa Gorilla- Dominant (The object is massive and you can make it control an opponent)
  31. Elouise Pitman- Caring (The object does good things to Maxwell)
  32. Super Minecraft Kid- Screaming (The object will scream very loudly)
  33. Greg Heffley- Wimpy (The object does weak attacks)
  34. Harry Hill- Burping (The object will swallow opponents whole, and then burp them back out)
  35. Otto Hill- Twin (The object copies somebody's moves)
  36. Tabatha- Tropical (The object is filled with tropical gas which makes anyone near it sweat)
  37. Ollie- Spotty (The object blends into the background making it hard to spot)
  38. Professor Poopypants- Smart (The object drops Goosy Grows and Shrinky Pigs all over the stage)
  39. Moody Margaret- Moody (The object selfishly depresses everyone in sight)
  40. Steve Burns-
  41. Fred Flintstone-