Boxing Ring

Beat the champ to win the prize!

The Boxing Ring is a stage used by Little Mac in Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3ds. Here in All Star Smashers, it is the bonus stage in Classic Safari mode.


Starter SongsEdit

  • "You've got to fight for what you want."
  • Super Smash Bros Melee- Break the Targets!

Unlockable SongsEdit

Classic SafariEdit

As mentioned above, the Boxing Ring is the bonus stage in All Star Smashers. It is shown only during the bonus fight against The Fat Sandbag.

Boxing Ring AliasesEdit

  1. Lee Saunderson - Looney Loonatic
  2. Sonny Slaven - The Tangent Grub
  3. Brad Till - Captain Till the Elevator Master
  4. Matthew Whitehead - Space Invader
  5. Harry Bradshaw - President of the Old Toys
  6. Brodi Welsford - Hyrule Fangirl
  7. Amanda the Panda - Cute-Fu Panda
  8. Oscar the White Tiger - Chubby Cubby
  9. Smash Jarin - The Eliminator
  10. Talking Joe - The Bus Kid
  11. Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver - The Cheerful Bus Driving Charm
  12. Hilary - Strongman, Deliveryman
  13. Edward - Plugger Partner
  14. Captain Underpants - The Waistband Warrior
  15. Maxwell - Deviant Artist
  16. Papa Louie - Kiss The Cook
  17. Horrid Henry - Our Horrid Boy
  18. Garfield - The Fat Feline
  19. Yuuki Ogata - Who Cares?
  20. Caillou - The Icon of Grounded Videos
  21. Action 52 - Glitchy Gamer
  22. Finn Palmer - The Grump Who Looks Like Not So Grump
  23. Chadtronic - Hyper Reactor
  24. Billy Slaven - Lover of Memes
  25. Thin Air- The Very Air We All Breathe
  26. Tim Carter - The Educator
  27. Angry Boss - The Angriest Boss You've Ever Heard
  28. Bruceton - Trollord of the Workforce
  29. Dan Gough - Dincent Dan The Science Man
  30. Grandpa Gorilla - Grandpa of the Gorillas
  31. Elouise Pitman - Shark Shanker
  32. Super Minecraft Kid - Cringe Prince
  33. Greg Heffley - The Wimpy Kid
  34. Harry Hill - Always The Joker
  35. Professor Poopypants - A Brilliant Mind
  36. Moody Margaret - Our Moody Girl
  37. Otto Hill - An Evil Twin
  38. Tabatha the Tortoise -
  39. Ollie the Snow Leopard -
  40. Rarity - Element of Generosity

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