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  • Randomfrog

    Round Nine is here!

    I've been sick for a couple of days so forgive me if I make a mistake with the votes, alright?

    You agreed on three characters, being Elouise, Brad Till and Gio Compario, so they're out. That happens pretty frequently when you only have two voters. The rest go to Randy.

    1. Oscar
    2. Dan Gough
    3. Chadtronic
    4. Mick Ellison
    5. Smash Jarin
    6. Shia LaBeouf
    7. Greg Heffley
    8. Brodi
    9. Grandpa Gorilla
    10. Sun Baby
    11. Ollie
    12. The Roadrunner

    So it seems like Elouise, Brad Till, Gio Compario, Oscar, Dan Gough, Chadtronic, Mick Ellison, Smash Jarin and Shia LaBeouf have been eliminated!

    You know what to do, today you vote for ten characters! After that, we choose who wins...

    Amanda the Panda (Oscar the White Tiger)

    Brodi Welsford (YoungLink14)

    Captain Underpants


    Grandpa Gorilla …

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  • Randomfrog

    Round Eight is here!

    This one took a little while longer than average as I didn't have my computer while I was at my mom's house. Woops!

    You guys agreed on four characters, being Professor Poopypants, Otto Hill, Matthew Whitehead, and Tim Carter. So they're out. The rest go to Randy. Hey, I'm having deja vu...

    1. Sonny Slaven
    2. Lee Saunderson
    3. Billy Slaven
    4. Hilary
    5. Gio Compario
    6. Dan Gough
    7. Oscar
    8. Sun Baby

    So it looks like Professor Poopypants, Otto Hill, Matthew Whitehead, Tim Carter, Sonny Slaven, Lee Saunderson, Billy Slaven, and Hilary have been eliminated! May they rest in peace.

    Today you vote for nine characters, folks!

    Amanda the Panda (Oscar the White Tiger)

    Brad Till (Brad the Elevator Chap)

    Brodi Welsford (YoungLink14)

    Captain Underpants


    Dan Gough…

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  • Randomfrog

    Surprise, I'm back!

    It's been a little over a week since the last one. Sorry guys- everyone needs a break!

    This time there were a couple of characters both of you agreed on- being Bruceton, Oliver Quinn and Zombie Wildlife. So they're eliminated for sure. The rest go to Randy...

    1. Edward
    2. Finn
    3. Maxwell's Twin
    4. Dave
    5. Sonny Slaven
    6. Matthew Whitehead
    7. Tim

    So it looks like Bruceton, Oliver Quinn, Zombie Wildlife, Edward, Finn Palmer, Maxwell's Twin and Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey have been eliminated! 

    It's back to business as usual- today you vote for EIGHT characters!

    Amanda the Panda (Oscar the White Tiger)

    Billy Slaven (Sonnyslavenproductions)

    Brad Till (Brad the Elevator Chap)

    Brodi Welsford (YoungLink14)

    Captain Underpants


    Dan Gough (It's Time for S…

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  • Exotix7


    May 18, 2017 by Exotix7

    I may need help trying to use the VideoPad codes.

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  • Randomfrog

    Round Six is here!

    Who do you think is most deserving of winning an empty slot?

    All of the votes were different this time! Randy's been having a lot of fun lately. Last season, this was the last elimination. I've predicted this season will have it's last elimination at Episode Ten, but don't quote me on that.

    Alright, let's see what the results are...

    1. Russ the Goat
    2. Grouchy Gorilla
    3. Talking Toilets
    4. Shrek the Dinosaur
    5. Toby Grady
    6. Angry Boss
    7. Dave the Monkey
    8. Matthew Whitehead
    9. Finn Palmer
    10. Zombie Wildlife
    11. Oliver Quinn
    12. Greg Heffley

    It looks like Russ the Goat, Grouchy Gorilla, Talking Toilets, Shrek the Dinosaur, Toby Grady and the Angry Boss have been eliminated! 

    You know the drill, today you vote for SEVEN characters.

    Amanda the Panda (Oscar the White Tiger)


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  • Randomfrog

    Round Five is here!

    You guys should really watch MST3K! The new season is on Netflix, if any of you have that.

    Who do you think will win this season?

    Well, two of the votes were the same- Thin Air and Action 52, so they're eliminated for good. The remaining votes were for Edward, Toby Grady, Little Andrew, Jean Cloud, Sgt. Pepper, and Talking Toilets. So Randy will have to decide!

    1.Little Andrew

    2.Sgt. Pepper

    3.Jean Cloud

    4.Toby Grady


    6.Talking Toilets

    So Thin Air, Action 52, Little Andrew, Sgt. Pepper, and Jean Cloud have been eliminated!

    You know the drill, today you vote for SIX characters! Funny to think that last time, that would have been the final elimination. That's not coming for a while.

    Amanda the Panda (Oscar the White Tiger)


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  • Randomfrog

    Round Four is here!

    I've decided I'll also ask questions on this show. Has anyone here seen "Mystery Science Theater 3000"? I think it's great.

    Well, you guys agreed on one character- Troll J, so he's out for good. The others? They were different, so we'll be needing the help of Randy! Oh, Randy. He always comes to our rescue.

    1.Uncle Gerald

    2.Burt the Boss



    5.Action 52

    6.Thin Air

    So Uncle Gerald, Burt the Boss, Caillou and Troll J are eliminated! The amount of Assist Trophies has really been taking a hit lately. You know the drill, today you vote for FIVE characters. Woo!

    Action 52 (NES Version)

    Amanda the Panda (Oscar the White Tiger)

    Angry Boss (Sonnyslavenproductions)

    Billy Slaven (Sonnyslavenproductions)

    Brad Till (Brad the Elevat…

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  • Randomfrog

    Round Three is here!

    I don't have much to say, you should check out my youtube channel Cactus & Hedgehog Productions though. Also, I made a template that has links to all of the characters on it. You can find it on any article now.

    Today's votes were all different, which isn't too rare after a couple of rounds. The votes were for Go!Minion, Moody Margaret, Perfect Peter, Troll J, Edward, and Burt the Boss. So Randy will be returning... 1.Go!Minion

    2.Moody Margaret

    3.Perfect Peter


    5.Burt the Boss

    6.Troll J

    Well it looks as if Randy decided to favor Jack today. So Margaret, Peter and Go!Minion have been eliminated! 

    You know the drill, today you vote for FOUR characters!

    Action 52 (NES Version)

    Amanda the Panda (Oscar the White Tiger)

    Angry Bos…

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  • Randomfrog

    Round Two is here!

    Kurk voted this time...



    Yuuki and Hamilton Ogata got two votes, while Perfect Peter and Moody Margaret only got one. We won't be needing Randy! So Yuuki and Hamilton are eliminated. 

    You know the drill, now you vote for THREE characters!

    Action 52 (NES Version)

    Amanda the Panda (Oscar the White Tiger)

    Angry Boss (Sonnyslavenproductions)

    Billy Slaven (Sonnyslavenproductions)

    Brad Till (Brad the Elevator Chap)

    Brodi Welsford (YoungLink14)

    Bruceton (Sonnyslavenproductions)

    Caillou (Caillou gets Grounded)

    Captain Underpants


    Dan Gough (It's Time for School!)

    Edward Yui (Represents Hong Kong)

    Elouise Pitman (Harry's Island)

    Finn …

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  • Randomfrog

    Round One is here!

    FortanNothingGod released Loyal Fumble a couple of days ago. If you haven't watched it, watch it. If you have watched it, watch it four more times.

    As usual, we got two votes. Nothin new.

    But here IS what's new- Yuuki didn't get a vote! He's actually going to make it past round one! Of course he's probably going to be eliminated soon but it's still pretty neat.

    We got a vote for SMK, and a vote for Perfect Peter. So we'll be needing Randy the Randomizer. Let's show the votes!

    1. SMK

    2. Perfect Peter

    And SMK has been eliminated! Rest in peace.

    You know the drill- today you vote for TWO characters!

    Action 52 (NES Version)

    Amanda the Panda (Oscar the White Tiger)

    Angry Boss (Sonnyslavenproductions)

    Billy Slaven (Sonnyslavenproductions) …

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  • Randomfrog

    Round Zero is here!

    We're here at season two! First off, congrats to Oscar to winning last season, and to Billy Slaven for getting second place. This season will be played a little differently. Not only will there be some revamps in style (as you can already see), the ENTIRE roster will be playing as well as the assist trophies. The roster characters certainly have an advantage in size, but I'm interested to see who wins the season- a Playable Character, or an Assist Trophy?

    If you have any ideas on other ways I can improve this series, do let me know.

    Well, let's get right to it. The characters are below- today you vote on ONE character to be eliminated. Happy voting!

    Action 52 (NES Version)

    Amanda the Panda (Oscar the White Tiger)

    Angry Boss (…

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  • Randomfrog

    We're here at the final round. But first, some announcements!

    This blog is my second hundredth edit, neat! Also, season two will be coming out very soon. It'll be a lot more polished than season one, and I plan on attempting to add more content before I get to the votes. Otherwise it's no fun!

    Speaking of votes, let's get to them. Yesterday you were voting on who should win All Star Smashers Vote Out. Well, there was one vote for Billy, and one vote for Oscar. So unfortunately, Randy the Randomizer has to step in once again.

    1. Oscar

    2. Billy

    CONGRATULATIONS! Oscar is the winner of All Star Smashers Vote Out Season One! Sorry your bro lost, Sonny, but second place isn't a half bad ranking.

    So thank you for voting, and I'll see you in season two! …

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  • Randomfrog

    We're here at the last elimination. I don't have too much to say, so let's just get goin.

    Unfortunately, Jack did the votes incorrectly and accidentally voted for a character who was already eliminated (as I mistakenly included him on the list) so today, Randy will not be needed and only Sonny's votes will count. Sorry man :(

    Sonny voted for Amanda, Talking Joe, Ollie, Lee, Brad and... Himself?! It turns out that Sonny voted for himself so Billy would have a better chance at getting in the finals. But then as Jack's votes didn't count, it was somewhat unnecessary to do. Oh well, it was a good sacrifice to make and Billy will make it to the final five.

    Today, voting will go a bit differently. Now, you vote for the character you would like to W…

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  • Randomfrog

    Welp, that third voter decided to give voting another round! Except he only voted for three characters. Dagnabit, Kurk, can you read?

    We're almost done. One more elimination round after this, and then you guys choose the winner. Rad!

    Would you guys be interested in a season two, which would include ALL of the roster characters and the assist trophies? Do tell, do tell.

    Time for voting! Again, you guys did agree on one character- being Dan Gough, so he's eliminated. The rest of the votes were completely different. So once again, we'll have to rely on the randomizer. From now on I'm calling him Randy.

    Let's see what Randy thought!



    3.Grandpa Gorilla


    5.Lee Saunderson



    8.Talking Joe

    Randy mostly favored Sonny today…

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  • Randomfrog

    Well, it looks as if that third voter never bothered to try again. Darn shame.

    The intensity is picking up, folks. More people are being eliminated each round. We're nearing the end! 

    I don't have much else to say, let's just do the votes.

    Like last time, we can already confirm two characters are eliminated- both of you guys voted for Tim Carter and Finn. So, they're out. The other votes were for Sonny, Tabatha, Brodi and Edward. So, we'll have to go for the good ol' randomizer.

    Let's see the votes!

    1. Tabatha 2. Edward 3. Brodi 4. Sonny

    Dang! The randomizer really seems to be in Sonny's favor today, as both of the characters he voted for were eliminated. So, Tim, Finn, Tabatha and Edward have been voted out.

    You know the drill. Now you vote for …

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  • Randomfrog

    Friends and enemies, something extraordinary has happened.

    For the first time in the history of my two elimination series on this wiki, we got...


    Except he voted for four characters, tried to vote for an already eliminated character, and then voted for SMK. So none of his votes are going to count. Woopsadoodle!

    Today, there are already two characters we can confirm are out, as the both of you voted for Thin Air and Matthew Whitehead. However, you disagreed on the third character- you put Angry Boss and Tim Carter. So once again we'll have to use the randomizer. Here goes!

    1. Angry Boss

    2. Tim Carter

    Well, it looks as if Thin Air, Matthew Whitehead, and Angry Boss have been eliminated. You know the drill, today you vote on FOUR chara…

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  • Randomfrog

    Hey everybody! Coming in with round two. First off, I have a question. Do you think there are any improvements I can make to my new youtube series, Generic Elimination Show? Links can be found in the previous two blogs. If so, tell me.

    Also, I have calculated that the last elimination will happen in round six. Then, there will only be three characters left- and you guys will vote on which one will win the series.

    Now, to the voting. The other day's votes were tied. Not surprising when you only have two voters. In the event of a tie, we will have to use a randomizer. The first two characters shown on this randomized list will be the ones who are eliminated.

    Let's see the results!




    4.Thin Air

    Well, I guess the both of y…

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  • Exotix7
    • Lee Saunderson
    • Brad Till
    • Matthew Whitehead
    • Harry Bradshaw
    • Brodi Welsford
    • Smash Jarin
    • Hilary
    • Edward
    • Captain Underpants
    • Maxwell
    • Papa Louie
    • Action 52
    • Dan Gough
    • Elouise Pitman
    • Greg Heffley
    • Moody Margaret
    • Professor Poopypants

    Which of these characters should I draw next?

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  • Randomfrog

    Round One is here! Of course, Yuuki Ogata was eliminated first. No big surprise, you guys really despise him. Technically, you could say so far the elimination order so far is the same as the original show (depending on whether you consider Tim Carter, Amanda and Finn as contestants.)

    Again, really sorry that All Star Smashers Mega Character Elimination died. However, I did repurpose some parts of the original script for this new series, so if you liked the original show you should check this out. Goosy, who appeared in episode three of All Star Smashers Mega Character Elimination, is the host of the new show.

    Anyways, you know the drill. Now, you vote for TWO characters to be eliminated. Here is the list of characters you can vote for:


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  • Randomfrog

    Hello! First off, bad news. I'm going to cancel Mega Character Elimination Show: All Star Smashers edition. Now why is that? Well, because I am starting an actual character elimination show! Goosy is the host. Now that I work on this I have less time and energy to work on the show. So we're going to replace it with something a lot simpler.

    You may notice that this episode is named Episode Zero. Reason being, I want the number of characters to be eliminated each episode to be the same as the episode number count. So in Episode One, one character will be eliminated. Two, two will be eliminated. You get the gist.

    So vote for one character below to be eliminated!





    Thin Air





    Dan Gough





    Caillou …

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  • Exotix7

    I won't complain...

    April 7, 2017 by Exotix7
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  • Exotix7


    Not only Super Minecraft Kid finally screams his way into battle after a year of confirmation but I also decided to reveal another personal pick of mine to celebrate! He will come after Professor Poopypants.

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  • Exotix7
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  • Exotix7

    For those of you who don't know, if I ever get round to doing more Empty Slots, I'm gonna try something different.

    No, I'm not going to reboot the selection. I feel there were many people trying out to win the Empty Slot #3 tournament and a lot of them deserved more of a chance. Just adding more characters next to them will only reduce the veterans' chances of winning.

    I've decided that Empty Slot #4 will consist of veterans only and any new ideas of mine and suggestions that got my interest will appear on Empty Slot #5 (which will be Newcomers only). That way a lot of missing potential from last year will get more of a chance.

    So yeah, Empty Slot #4 will star everyone who didn't get permanently removed from last year's tournament. As for Emp…

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  • Exotix7

    New Era Timeline!

    March 17, 2017 by Exotix7

    Thought I might revamp the "Eras" section of my series. Descriptions of them are here: Help me out here:

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  • Exotix7

    A long history speech.

    February 25, 2017 by Exotix7

    When I first heard of the Super Smash Bros. series, it looked really odd considering most of the Nintendo games I played were ones from the Mario and Donkey Kong series. The only reason I didn’t want to play Brawl was because it was rated a 12 and I wasn’t exactly that age yet at the time. But I got it for Christmas anyway. When Easter rolled around, I got a Mario themed Easter egg and the pictures on the box gave me the idea of making my own SSB toys. I put a lot of effort than necessary on the toys over the months so I never actually played with them officially. At the same academic year, a friend at school told me that his brother was laughing at a naughty “Swearing Ginger Baby” video on YouTube for some reason so at home, I tried look…

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  • Exotix7

    Missing Talking Joe Comics!

    January 28, 2017 by Exotix7

    Hey guys. I went out to take a desk into the recycling. The drawer was empty but when my dad and I tipped it into the dump, we found a 2013 Talking Joe comic UNDERNEATH the drawer for some reason. So I took it back and thought I should share you the script.

    Tell me what you think:

    Comic #1 Talking Joe Episode 1: Talking Joe

    It only has one page so I’ll post the picture here:

    Comic #2 Talking Joe Episode 2: Talking Joe at Yoga Club

    (Inside Talking Joe’s boarding bedroom at school)

    Talking Joe: Bus.

    Post 16/Sixth Form Carer: You’ve got yoga now.

    Talking Joe: Yoga…

    (Post 16/Sixth Form Carer squeezes his own hand)

    Post 16/Sixth Form Carer: Come on! Go flex those muscles!

    (The veins in his muscles wake up and turn into cramp worms which attack and bite hi…

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  • Exotix7


    January 27, 2017 by Exotix7

    I've got 8 character movesets planned. What other kinds of videos do you think I'll make soon?

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  • Exotix7

    Just leave your ideas here so I can keep track.

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  • Exotix7

    All Star Smashers Logo...

    January 3, 2017 by Exotix7

    If somebody wants to create a new logo for All Star Smashers for me, that would be real nice.

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  • Exotix7

    Revamp Details

    January 2, 2017 by Exotix7

    So I just looked back through all of my videos to determine things that I think I could've done better. As a result, I happened to list 'em all (plus, a couple of questions for you guys):

    • First of all, all thumbnails need to have that splash of black ink. • Continue using the “Get Ready” sign. • Change some of Sonny’s normal attacks (some were too random). • Too many stages, so more of them should be changed to DLC content. • Some original characters are better off with non-GoAnimate looks (change to drawings). • Said characters may need original voices, not Text-To-Speech. • Some stages should be redrawn by my own art. Same goes for assist trophies, items, etc. • Just like I shown with Buzz, Frollo and Simba in Lee’s Neutral B now get t…

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  • Exotix7

    Relation Tree

    January 2, 2017 by Exotix7

    Happy New Year, guys! I was wondering: How could we link all 38 confirmed characters into a relation tree?

    Well, I had a good think about it a few months ago and made this:

    If you're confused why a certain character is placed there, just ask, ok?

    Btw, I shrunk everyone above Grandpa Gorilla's pictures to keep them away from the Harry's Island characters since they're not related.

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  • Exotix7

    I'm wondering...

    December 28, 2016 by Exotix7

    Don't you think this wiki has too much fan stuff on the pages? I know it's really up to me to do what I want since this is my wiki but at the same time I DO accept that sharing fantasies on the pages is the sort of thing fans do and I don't want to boss people around by making rules (no offence to founders who do make them). I'm not saying at all that the fan stuff for moveset music, normal attacks, pawlette swaps, Classic Safari Quotes etc. are bad ideas but it makes me wonder if I should call this my wiki anymore.

    What do you think? Should I delete this wiki and leave it up to you guys to make a new All Star Smashers Wiki, without me?

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  • Randomfrog

    My best.

    Caillou and Harry are talking each other.

    Caillou: Man, I can’t believe I’ve made it this far! I really expected to be voted out almost immediately due to the whole grounded thing. I guess I’ve redeemed myself!

    Smash Jarin comes into shot very quickly, interrupting their conversation.


    The crane comes and picks up Caillou and flings him into the penalty box. He lands very loudly.

    Caillou: But I did nothing wrong!

    Amanda: Welcome to the club.

    Bruceton and Matthew look angry.

    Bruceton: I was almost sure the boss would be eliminated!

    Smash Jarin: Guess that plan was faulty because one of our only viewers made him! You two are idiots.

    Matthew slaps Jarin. The opening theme plays.


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  • Randomfrog

    This one's not my best work but I still enjoy the bits with TJ.

    Smash Jarin: Last time, on Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition…

    The screen begins to show clips from the last episode.

    Smash Jarin: The teams got to work doing some heavy construction. The battle was to build the best hotel. Eventually some shenanigans involving Thin Air got in and destroyed Team Red’s hotel- leaving them with a pile of bricks and a slice of humble pie. Who will go? Who will stay? How did two near-fatal injuries happen in only the second episode? Find out in this episode of Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition!

    The opening theme plays.

    After that, Team Red’s at the elimination camp once more.

    Smash Jarin: Hello again Team Red! As you…

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  • Randomfrog

    This one is much better than the last one. Let me give the characters more conversations and let me give more lines to each character. I like it.

    Smash Jarin: Last time, on Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition…

    The screen begins to show clips from the last episode.

    Smash Jarin: The competition began and it was a race to the finish for survival in the game. A rather large tangle started with Pete’s bus and it began to look like a tie- but Yuuki Ogata came just a bit short. Who will fall and who will survive another day in the challenge? Find out this episode on Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition!

    The opening theme plays.

    After that, Smash Jarin is at the elimination camp with Team Red.

    Smash Jarin: Hello Team Red…

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  • Randomfrog

    The first of many!

    The camera pans over to Smash Jarin, standing cooly.

    Smash Jarin: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Mega Character Elimination: All Star Smashers edition. I’m your host, Smash Jarin. As said previously, this is a character elimination show, so we’re going to need a cast. Oh, here come our contestants now!

    The cast travels over to Jarin.

    Elouise: Hello!

    Smash Jarin: Good morning. Each of you will be put into one of two teams.

    Angry Boss: Will be able to pick?

    Smash Jarin: Nope! Elouise, Oscar, Bruceton, Matthew, Thin Air, Talking Joe, Grandpa Gorilla, Ollie, Brodi, Dan Gough and Yuuki, you’re on team Red.

    Bruceton: No! I have to be on the Boss’s team!

    Angry Boss: Thank god, I’m free!

    Talking Joe: Does Thin Air even count as a contestant? It’s …

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  • Randomfrog


    September 26, 2016 by Randomfrog

    We should all get on the new chatroom! It certainly would be nice to have a more connected community.

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  • LittleCarlyYes AlvinHungNo

    Since Yuuki Ogata is a dead channel, I'm replacing it to myself. My Neutral B will be Ray Gun Mark 12. I get the Ray Gun Mark 12. It is equipped with ray gun parts like Shotgun Part, Ray Gun Scope, Unlimited Bullets, and the small flag poster. Then it's equipped for you to use it. Like Hilary's Up B, it has amount of bullets like Cork Blast. My Side B will be Character Question. I ask the character a question. Here are my character question. 1st Question: The boss is: A: Mad B. Mud C. Dud. D. Aod Once the question is done, the move is used with 5/5 questions. My Up B is "Shut Up! To the time machine!" The random Business Friendly guy kicks me to the time machine which makes me to teleport to a ledge. Like Jaime Maussan's Portal …

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  • LittleCarlyYes AlvinHungNo

    I'm LittleCarlyYes AlvinHungMeh GoFagsNo, and I'm going to tell about Smash Bros. Lawl XRD, you can't be afraid to say no, everyone ask me to like Smash Bros Lawl XRD. But Smash Bros Lawl XRD will kill you. If you like Smash Bros Lawl XRD, go to hell before you die. Please.

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  • Exotix7

    Drawing Debate Result

    June 28, 2016 by Exotix7

    I decided to make a mix of some of the requests:

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  • Moltern Kirby


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  • Exotix7


    June 19, 2016 by Exotix7

    It does feel like I've ditched you guys, but I've been burned out. To make it up for you:

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  • Exotix7
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  • Exotix7

    For the record?

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  • Exotix7

    See the Problem?

    April 21, 2016 by Exotix7
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  • Exotix7

    Mr. Krabs in Real Life

    April 20, 2016 by Exotix7
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  • Exotix7
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  • Exotix7

    I'm on Holiday.

    April 1, 2016 by Exotix7

    Just so you guys know, I'll be on holiday tommorow so don't worry if I'm not online this week.

    It's still not too late to vote for the Empty Slot #3 Finals:

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  • Sonny Slaven (TangentGrub4)

    Just like Jack did, I'm gonna show who I think are the most famous to least famous characters on the internet:

    1. Garfield
    2. Rarity (The Brony fandom is strong)
    3. Captain Underpants
    4. Action 52
    5. Chadtronic
    6. Maxwell
    7. Super Minecraft Kid
    8. Caillou
    9. Harry Hill
    10. Horrid Henry
    11. Papa Louie
    12. Sonny Slaven
    13. Smash Jarin
    14. Brodi Welsford
    15. Lee Saunderson
    16. Brad Till
    17. Angry Boss
    18. Bruceton
    19. Billy Slaven
    20. Oscar
    21. Amanda
    22. Pete Polcon
    23. Finn Palmer
    24. Edward
    25. Yuuki Ogata
    26. Harry Bradshaw
    27. Matthew Whitehead
    28. Talking Joe
    29. Hilary
    30. Tim Carter
    31. Dan Gough
    32. Grandpa Gorilla
    33. Thin Air (It's nothing, lol)
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