• TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Hey guys! Your boi just wrote a song for Angry Boss, which is also a parody of AVGN's theme. (Moreso, a paroy of the cool techno remix of AVGN's theme)

    He's gonna scream at you for his cake
    And yell out the name of his rival
    He'd rather drink a demon's blood
    Than have Douglas object him once again
    He'd rather eat a poisoned apple
    Than have to deal with that trollord again

    He's the angriest bossman you've ever heard
    He's the Angry, So Hammy Boss
    He's the Angry, Kinda Part-Random Boss
    He's the Angry, Very Angry Boss

    Speak n Spell: B. R. U. C. E. T. O. N.

    When he gets really angry
    Make sure you can still hear at least
    He's got a business suit and a wrinkly face
    Although I don't really know what his true age is
    He's got a nice red tie and a shouty voice
    And if…

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  • Randomfrog

    Potential Chad HUD

    July 17, 2018 by Randomfrog

    Should I make this Chadtronic's HUD, or just keep it for general use?

    Comment your opinion please

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    I originally wrote this as a message to Jack, but YKW? Screw it, I'm just gonna make a blog post instead to show 'em off. Here are some spooky gals who I wanna see in All Star Smashers, who I've decided to make custom newcomer Splash Art for. (Based on the new ASS Splash Art)

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  • Randomfrog

    Thin Air's stage looks a lot like an old horror movie now... this isn't part of the next moveset. Just showing off.

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Decided to make a little collage of a few All Star Smashers Characters with their real-life counterparts. (Not everyone though, because some don't have IRL counterparts, or I haven't seen them, like Harry, Dan and Hilary. Also, admittedly, doing the enttire top row seems a bit awkward since I had to go through Matthew & Elouise's Facebook accounts to find pictures of them...but the rest was fine)

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  • SonnySlavenProductions

    Hello, all. Guess who's back.

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Hey, yo! A couple months ago, I made this custom All Star Smashers draftt based on WWE's draft.Basically, I put all the ASS characters on a list using

    And then, I determined who would get drafted to which show using a random number generator: (The characters' number is based on whatever number they were on the list) After that, I split the roster in half, and drafted 1 half to SmackDown, and the other half to RAW.

    Anyway, here's mah result. What do you guys think?

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Hey y'all! Just wanna show off some fan buttons I made on DeviantART. But these ain't just any Fan Buttons...these are Sonnyslavenproductions Fan Buttons! I've made 6 so far, of Sonny, myself, Rachael, Emily, Angry Boss and BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCETOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!! Here are the links to each one:





    Da Boss:

    Bruceton: https:/…

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  • Randomfrog

    Found this while working on the moveset. It's nearly the most incomprehensible thing I've ever read, and it's not like it was translated from anything. My guess is an algorithim wrote this and not a person, judging by the basic facts and broken english. 

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    This Is The End! Hope you enjoyed.

    Part 6: "All the Really Bad Sh!t Happens"

    The video opens up with shots of various scenery and buildings in KickASSia. Harry is skipping along next to the KickASSian Railroad, singing a happy tune.

    Harry: "Three little maids from school are we! Pert as a school-girl well can be! Filled to the brim with girlish glee! Three little maids from school! Everything is a source of fun! Hahahahahahahaha!"

    Suddenly, a fireball flies at Harry. He ducks out of the way, then stands and looks toward the source of the fireball.

    Harry: What the hell?!

    Across the way, Lee Patton looks through binoculars as a very pissed off Angry Boss stands next to him; He has activated his fire powers.

    Lee Patton: Excellent shot, Mr. Boss. Exc…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Here we go once more. Now things are really starting to hot up!

    Part 5: "The Fall of the Risen"

    The story opens with panoramic shots of KickASSia. Talking Joe is shown holding the flag as we cut to Lee and Oscar as they sneak around the country. After looking around, Lee turns to Oscar.

    Lee: This is ridiculous! We've got NO strategy for this! Plus, he's been his own arch enemy this whole time!? (Not really; Sonny & Donny are clearly 2 completely different people, but they're the same for this story only) That's just...confusing!

    Oscar: No, they're right, chubby. We've got to fight madness with-with madness. And... And he's the craziest we've got. *Looks past a disbelieving Lee* Are you ready there, Donny?

    Donny: *Weird evil laugh YAAAAAAAAAAAAA…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Now we're on to part 4. (Spoiler: There are 6 parts BTW)

    Part 4: "The Beginning of the End of the Beginning"

    Amanda is in the kitchen and goes to talk to Harry, who is of course watching television.

    Amanda: How 'bout I make you some tea there, Mr. President?

    Harry: *Talking normally* Why, yes, Mrs. Vice President. That'd be wonderful.

    Amanda nods and goes into the kitchen and grabs some tea and poison to kill Harry while he talks.

    Harry: You know, I don't know why the press picks on you so much. You seem like the nicest person to me. And we all know nice people make the perfect politicians. Just look at Carter! I mean, you're so good at making people feel at home.

    Amanda smiles and walks over with the tea.

    Harry: (Continuing) Lowering their defens…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Let's get to it.

    Part 3: "Inglorious Glory"

    The video opens up in an old 1940s newsreel style as we see Jack Mayhew from Exotic News. Voiceover as KickASSia is shown while "Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Philip Sousa plays. (Yes Jack, you too get a shoutout)

    Jack: Dateline KickASSia! Year one of the new Bradshaw Imperium. Confidence is high as this new and proud nation works long and hard to establish its new government.

    Cut to Jack standing in front of KickASSia.

    Jack: I'm Jack Mayhew for Exotic News here today in the nation formally known as Weewoossia but now as of recent known as KickASSia.

    Cut to Hilary, TJ and Edward performing jumping jacks.

    Jack: Though it is not easy to establish a government from the ground up, KickASSia is fortunat…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Yep, it's been renamed. Credit to Chase/The Randomfrog Guy for the idea. (And for the pun on All Star Smashers)

    Part 2: "Triumph and Treacle"

    Sonny is standing in the hotel room by himself, a distressed look on his face; Harry enters behind him.

    Sonny: Is everyone preparing for battle?

    Harry: They are, Sonny.

    Sonny: *nervous and sweating* Good.

    Harry: You know, Sonny, you would really help the team out if you were to…well…you know.

    Sonny: *turning his head slightly, voice cracking* Summon him?

    Harry: It would be just this once, Sonny. Just this once and you can go back to normal.

    Sonny: *turns around suddenly* NORMAL?! There’s no normal. I don’t even know what normal is any more. Every day I live with the beast raging inside of me.

    Harry: All you ne…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Hullo! I was looking over some of Frog's previous blog posts, and I found his Mega Character Elimination series with all the original ASS characters. Since I loved the series, I've decided to do something kinda similar. But instead of a character elimination show of my own, I've instead decided to do a parody of TGWTG's 2-year anniversary special, Kickassia, except I've decided to call it...Allstarsmasshia! (I may change it since it sounds weird) Anyway, enough talking, let's get to it!

    (Scene opens with a Map of Weewoossia, panning over as a voiceover speaks)

    Voiceover: There is a nation called... Weewoossia. A micronation, to be precise. Located just outside of Reno, in Dayton Nevada. It is a small spec of land... One point three acres to …

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  • Exotix7

    Get ready, chubby!

    June 28, 2018 by Exotix7
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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Yep, I Moefied Bruceton too.

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub
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  • Randomfrog

    Weird site

    June 22, 2018 by Randomfrog


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  • Exotix7

    Even the entire universe is too small for it! How big is YouTube???

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  • Randomfrog

    Progress Report

    June 18, 2018 by Randomfrog

    I figured that since I'm so close to the finish line, I may as well make a blog to edit daily detailing what I did that day. May as well stir up some excitement. I won't go too in-depth with what I do in order to not spoil anything.


    • Added KO Blasts to the KO sounds segment.
    • Finished 6 HUDs. 
    • Redesigned the stage used in the Taunts segment. It really needed it.


    • Finished the last eight HUDs!! We're so close to the moveset being finished. I'm ecstatic. 
    • All I have left to do is a little bit of the KO sounds, the taunts, and the outro. And then the moveset is out!!
    • I'm taking the rest of today off though... I'm really tired


    • Finished the last of the KO sounds + started and finished the taunts.
    • I added the winning options to t…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    You know what? This is better as a blog post than a random comment.

    Since I like to make randomized versions of WWE's Royal Rumble match on this site called with a bunch of random characters, I decided to make one with EVERY Empty Slot character in All Star Smashers. (I also had Tag Teams go separate so that they don't get an unfair advantage)

    1.    Dust (156, by Po)
    2.    Osaka (50, by Toon DK)
    3.    Blake Belladonna (84, by Vines)
    4.    Keith Lemon (63, by Gumball Watterson)
    5.    King Koopa (135, by Eddy)
    6.    Laa Laa (47, by Eddy)
    7.    The Toad (46, by Flint Lockwood)
    8.    Dick Dastardly (114, by Adagio Dazzle)
    9.    Pink Panther (147, by Dracula)
    10.    Oh (94, by Strong Bad)
    11.    Tiny (44, by Iggle Piggle)
    12.    Weiss Schnee (WIN…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Gentlemen, I would like to show you this custom ASS roster I made. Thoughts? (And mind)

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  • TheBilliantOne

    If anyone's asking, I got logged out of my other account, and I couldn't log back in. So I gotta settle with a new one. :/

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  • Randomfrog


    March 26, 2018 by Randomfrog

    If two of you vote for Danny Devito in the facebook poll (and provide proof that you did) I'll release SMK's moveset sometime in the next two weeks.

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    In case any of you are wondering, here's what I look like in real life. I'm not gonna use this as my profile pic, I just wanna let you all know that I really do exist and that I'm not a ghost.

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  • Exotix7


    February 1, 2018 by Exotix7
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  • Randomfrog

    Keeping up in tradition of useless lists, here is the order of origin of every character in Empty Slot 5. I would be working on something more important, but I've lost my Adobe liscence and can't work on the moveset for a couple days. Here goes!

    1. Dust
    2. Tom and Jerry - 2/10/1940 (Tom and Jerry)
    3. Kermit the Frog - 5/9/1955 (Sam and Friends)
    4. Alvin and the Chipmunks - 11/17/1958 (Christmas Don't Be Late)
    5. Basil Brush - 1962 (The Three Scampis)
    6. Pink Panther - 12/19/1963 (The Pink Panther)
    7. Dick Dastardly and Muttley - 9/14/1968 (Wacky Races)
    8. The Goodies - 11/8/1970 (The Goodies)
    9. Postman Pat - 9/16/1981 (Postman Pat)
    10. Pingu - 5/28/1986 (Pingu)
    11. Bart Simpson - 4/19/1987 (The Tracey Ulman Show)
    12. Lisa Simpson 4/19/1987 (The Tracey Ulman Show)
    13. Alec Baldwin - 4/24/1987 (…

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  • Randomfrog

    Weird Glitch

    December 30, 2017 by Randomfrog

    For a couple of frames in the first All Star Smashers video, Sonny's sleeve is red.

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  • Randomfrog

    SMK Moveset Progress

    December 27, 2017 by Randomfrog



    Note that I work on the moves individually, and then add them to a final timeline when I'm done with them. I may actually be further along than it says here. I'll update this every time I add more.

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub

    Old Grandpa G. was hoppin' around

    Banana Globe City lika a big playground

    When suddenly Bruceton burst from the shade

    And hit Grandpa G. with a Bruceto-Grenade

    Grandpa G. got pissed and began to attack

    But didn't expect to be blocked by Brad

    Who proceeded to open up a can of Brad Fu

    When Yuuki Ogata came out of the poo

    And he started winding up poor Bradley Till

    Then they both got squashed by the Bruceto-Mobile

    But before he could go back to the Bruceto-Cave

    Professor Poopypants popped out of his grave

    And took a Goosy-Grown ray gun out from under his coat

    And blew Bruceton away like a go-o-o-oat

    But he ran out of ammo and he ran away

    Because Pete and his bus came to save the day

    This is the Ultimate Showdown of All Star Destiny

    Good guys bad guys and betw…

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  • TheNotSoTangentGrub
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  • Exotix7

    2017 is dying...

    December 1, 2017 by Exotix7

    Which 2017 movie character deserves a moveset the most?

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  • Randomfrog

    And I present to you the most pointless list ever. The ASS characters who have been shown in fights in series (regardless of how short or inconsequential), and the ones who haven't.

    • Lee Saunderson
    • Sonny Slaven
    • Brad Till
    • Oscar
    • Talking Joe
    • Pete the Cheerful Bus Driver
    • Hilary
    • Caillou
    • Chadtronic
    • Tim Carter
    • Angry Boss
    • Super Minecraft Kid

    • Matthew Whitehead
    • Harry Bradshaw
    • Brodi Welsford
    • Amanda the Panda
    • Smash Jarin
    • Edward Yui
    • Captain Underpants
    • Maxwell
    • Papa Louie
    • Garfield
    • Yuuki Ogata
    • Action 52
    • Finn Palmer
    • Billy Slaven
    • Thin Air
    • Bruceton
    • Dan Gough
    • Grandpa Gorilla

    What percentage of each era has been shown in fights?

    Limited Era - 50%

    Business Era - 60%

    Attention Era - 0%

    Invasion Era - 33%

    HTML Era - 37%

    Seperation Era - 10%

    Total Game (With Upcoming Characters) - 30% 

    Total Game (Witho…

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  • Randomfrog

    Title Screen Update

    November 2, 2017 by Randomfrog

    The title screen that I'm planning on using in the new version of the video. Of course, the original will make an appearance but will transition to this new one shortly afterwards.

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  • Randomfrog

    Chadtronic (again)

    October 25, 2017 by Randomfrog

    There was the first design, and that wasn't very good, so I redesigned it. And then there was the redesign, which wasn't very good, so I redesigned it.

    The third and hopefully last Chadtronic design...

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  • Randomfrog

    New Character Redesigns

    October 15, 2017 by Randomfrog

    I've sort of left you folks in the dark, haven't I? Been caught up with editing SMK's moveset. Anyways, I'll just leave a few of these recent designs here...

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  • Exotix7

    Character Playstyles

    October 6, 2017 by Exotix7

    In case anyone's interested in re-watching my movesets, there is a topic I am not usually into talking about: Playstyles.

    The creator of Lawl What-If, ThatCheesyBastard, has made a new up to date list of playstyles and I was wondering if anyone would like to compare these with my movesets.

    Where would the characters go?

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  • Exotix7

    Remember guys:

    September 14, 2017 by Exotix7

    Do not consider All Star Smashers canon to Smash Bros Lawl and its many spinoffs. This is just an entirely different series but with obvious similarities.

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  • Exotix7

    Guess what?

    September 10, 2017 by Exotix7
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  • Randomfrog

    Might as well. 

    • Lee Saunderson - Seems like a nice guy. The moveset itself wasn't very good, but he seems like a good person and he's pretty passionate about the things he likes. I remember when I didn't really get the point of this series I was desperately trying to find the sources of the original characters, and Lee was the only one I could find anything about. 
    • Sonny Slaven - He's cool. Moveset itself was pretty generic but All Star Smashers was still taking baby steps and it was a lot better than the first.
    • Brad Till - He's a good person but his videos are pretty boring. That's why my redesign of Till Track wasn't from one of his vids, I can't stand to comb through 500 videos of trains.
    • Matthew Whitehead - I like the "bumbling villain" ki…
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  • Exotix7

    All Star Smashers Divisions

    September 7, 2017 by Exotix7

    What if I did the Celebrities, YouTube Poop and Cults sections properly with my roster? How do I fit all those guys on the Cults section?

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  • Randomfrog

    Here they are! HUDS and all!

    Also, I was thinking, maybe you could try and put out a small bit of content before the next moveset? Just something to tide your viewers over. Maybe an assist trophy, a piece of trivia about the series... I mean, if editing's the problem here I would be happy to participate. I've got Vegas and all.

    Also, make sure you're getting the full size for these pics! I'd hate for you to just be downloading the thumbnails by accident. Click full resolution on their file pages to get the highest quality.

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  • Randomfrog


    August 30, 2017 by Randomfrog

    Am I the only one who thinks that Agito90 is really lacking? Lawl X is considered fantastic but every moveset feels generic. Karl Pilkington is really where he peaked...

    I always wanted to start my own Lawl. You've seen my previous attempts with my Tim Rowett moveset, but with how hard I'm working on GES I just don't have the time.

    I'll get those sprites in soon, I just need to do the HUDS. That power armor is hard to draw.

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  • Randomfrog

    Videopad Code

    August 19, 2017 by Randomfrog

     Try this one out: 14668907-lkrkclhu

    Also what's with the rendering quality on some of those previews? Hope you can sort that out.

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  • Exotix7

    Miss the DLC characters?

    August 19, 2017 by Exotix7

    While I'm still mighty proud of my DLC Roster, I must admit:   It's pretty awkward introducing your own characters via Smash Bros. moveset (and with Go!Animate avatars too). I guarantee you I did NOT make any of the moves up with no inspiration...  ...well... except Grandpa Gorilla. I just HAD to make a moveset representing exotic wildlife.   If you want to know what's mainly in store for lots of my original characters, it's not gonna be done via videos. Nope, no Bro Show or anything like that but I've always wanted to make comic or novel series out of these guys. The reason I've not done a lot of them is because now I'm more mature, I want the series to feel special and not just any series the public people who don't care about reviews co…

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  • Randomfrog

    Got an

    August 17, 2017 by Randomfrog

    I got an so we can communicate a little more easily/get to know me better!

    Let me just make it clear though. If you come to my page asking for me to make pictures/redesigns and you AREN'T Jack or Sonny, I will personally come to your house and ram my foot up your asshole. Just a warning

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  • Randomfrog

    I promised I would redo this awhile back and here it is! I know the fists are a little bit wonky but I genuinely cannot find any good shots of Chadtronic's hands. ...that's a sentence I would never say if I weren't doing these redesigns!

    Matthew + Elouise are next. They'll take a little while longer to get out since I'm starting high school tomorrow...

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  • Randomfrog

    Here they are!! They were based off of his real life appearance as opposed to the Go!Animate version.

    No HUD again, as this is another case where the HUD and the character's idle are the exact same. I promise I'll draw a HUD for Matthew.

    I redesigned Till Track, and although it doesn't look much like the original, it's hard to revamp a picture that looks like it was taken on a cashew. So I just found a different train station altogether.

    Also Austin's stealing my roster picture again. Ban the rat!!

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  • Randomfrog

    The Boss's Officetop

    August 10, 2017 by Randomfrog

    Here it is! Unlike the Talk Room, ALL of this was created by myself, with no exceptions.

    Also unlike the Talk Room, I didn't really change the layout of the stage at all.

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