Bamboo Hut
Bamboo Hut
Some attributes
First Universe:

Oscar Land

Second Unknown
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Bamboo Hut is a stage in All Star Smashers.

Stage HazardsEdit

  • A Statue can appear somewhere on the stage to lift people up and then quickly goes down.
  • Green Skeletons will fall on the sides of the screen.
  • A Zombie occasionly pops up and shoots a ball of goo from its eye. You can KO the zombie with an attack.
  • A Chinese Dragon, like Amanda's Side B, can fly across the stage causing fire damage to anyone it crashes into.

Starter SongsEdit

  • The Dennis Experience- Kung Fu v.2
  • Facial Vision- Fighting Music for Virtual Ninjas
  • Kung Fu Panda- Kung Fu Fighting
  • Kung Fu Panda- Let the Tournament Begin!

Unlockable SongsEdit

  • Kung Fu Panda 2- Po and Shen Face to Face: Do 50 KO's on this stage.
  • Kung Fu Panda 2- Save Kung Fu!: Do 100 KO's on this stage.

Results BackgroundEdit

Bamboo Hut Results

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