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Reginald Bossman, more commonly known as The Angry Boss, is a fictional character in the Sonnyslavenproductions universe. He is the Boss of a business corporation, who's always harassed by the antics of his most hated employee, Bruceton. This always leads to The Boss to yell out Bruceton's name in great vengeance and furious anger.

All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Angry Boss05:00

All Star Smashers Character Moveset- Angry Boss

Entrance: Oh Hai Boss Edit

His employees minus Bruceton say the titular phrase, while he walks on the field.

Move OriginEdit

In the custom moveset Sonny Slaven made for The Boss, this was his entrance. It is also a reference to The Room.

Neutral B: Demand for the Cake Edit

Hold down the B button and Angry Boss will rant for his cake. His ranting is similar to Hitler and AGK's rants. Also, his rants can stop everything from opponents to projectiles. If he rants long enough, a cake eventually appears.

Move Origin Edit

In his and Bruceton's first ever SSP appearance, Angry Boss yells at Bruceton for failing to give him his cake. (Which is quite epic) He then goes on a rant, yelling weird and humorous things.

Side B: To the Tardis Edit

Some random dude kicks an opponent to the tardis which teleports and blows up somewhere else. The Angry boss can choose where the tardus appears. If he dosen't kick anyone, he will kick the boss, causing himself damage, so don't even think about spamming.

Move Origin Edit

This was taken from Bruceton Pranks Angry Boss, in which there is footage of a drunk Angry Boss in a bar, where he makes fun of Go!Riddler, prompting him to kick The Boss into a Tardis, which then vanishes. Where did Angry Boss end up? Nobody knows...

Up B: Raging Recovery Edit

Angry Boss charges up a rant and yells the name of his rival Bruceton. While firing you can press B to breathe fire. If you attack him while charging, the whole stage will be on fire.

Move Origin Edit

In the custom moveset Sonny Slaven made for The Boss, his Down B was called Raging Spirit, in which he had flames surrounding him, like Guile's Down-B in the original Lawl.

Down B: Fanboy Mode Edit

The Boss enters "Fanboy Mode" and sends out a bad character request that you press B to bounce it forwards like the Duck Hunt Duo's cans. The dumber the request, the more it explodes and the more damage it causes.

If he suggests a character who's already in Smash Bros, it will instantly KO nearby intruders.

Move Origin Edit

In the custom outro to his moveset, Angry Boss was overjoyed and ecstatic that he was given a moveset, and then proceeded to send random character requests, such as Keith Lemon from Celebrity Juice and Eric Cartman from South Park. This video was also a parody of Hitler's moveset outro, who was also the inspiration of Angry Boss.

Final Smash: Enraged Bruceton Shout Edit

Angry Boss shouts out the name of his rival, so loud, it causes a massive nuclear explosion, with bombs. The opponent's fate depends on Angry Boss' Levels of Hate. Further information is on that page.

Move Origin Edit

This is based on the running joke of Angry Boss screaming out Bruceton's name in an uncontrollable rage, after being trolled by the latter.

KO Sounds and Taunts Edit

KO Sound #1: Oh God!

KO Sound #2: BRUCETON!!!


Screen KO Sound: You're fired!

Up Taunt: Says "Now you're getting on my nerves..."

Side Taunt: "I'm going to funking destroy you!"

Down Taunt: Yells "BRUCETON!!!!!"

Smash Taunt: On his stage only, on top of the middle building, pressing the down taunt button at a specific frame will make him start a Codec Conversation after 10 seconds have passed. The full list of conversations can be found here.

Victory Options and Losage Edit

Option #1: Says "That was awesome! GoAnimatingly, Bruceton killingly awesome!"

Option #2: Walks off with Jeremy Gilman saying "Let's fly over to Mexico to celebrate."

Option #3: Says "Now I shall fire Bruceton! BRUCETON!"

Option #4: (Only against Bruceton) Angrily yells "BRUCETON! You are so getting fired right now!"

Losage: Angrily facepalms

Normal Attacks, Special Moveset Music, KO, Taunt Music, Victory Music Edit

Aerial Attacks Edit

Up Aerial:

Neutral Aerial: Raging Spirits

Down Aerial:

Forward Aerial:

Reverse Aerial:

Ground Attacks Edit

Up Tilt: Sends Owen Maddox to "attack my opponent."

Neutral Attack: Waves his arms.


Side Tilt: Points forward yelling "FIRED!"

Dash Attack: Angry Dive

Down Tilt: Flips a desk over whilst ranting.

Ledge/Get Up Attacks Edit


Get Up:

Smashes: Edit


Side Smash: Yells "BRUCETON!"

Down Smash: His three lackeys (Owen Maddox, Jeremy Gilman, and Victor Vam Pire) lift him and his desk up, and slam it into the ground

Grab Moves: Edit

Grab: Grabs with his palm.


Forward Throw: Throws forward whilst yelling "Get out of my office!"

Reverse Throw: Paul Douglas appears in front of AB and points forward whilst shouting "OBJECTION!" as a parody of Phoenix Wright.

Up Throw: Throws upwards.

Down Throw: Throws the opponent on the ground in rage then shouts "BRUCETON!" thrice..

Moveset Music: 03-chess-game-02

KO Sounds and Taunts Music: South Park - The Stick of Truth Hallway Monitor Boss

Victory Music: GoAnimate - Melancholy (Tragedy) Theme (Alternatively Suspense- Haunted House in his Option #4)

Angry Boss Codec (Against himself) Edit

Angry Boss: Gilman.

Jeremy Gilman: Boss.

Angry Boss: Gilman.

Jeremy: Boss.

Angry Boss: Gilman...

Jeremy: Boss... Boss!

Angry Boss: Gilman!!!

Jeremy: Boooooooossssss.

(Jeremy morphs into Owen Maddox)

Angry Boss: Maddox!

(Angry Boss transforms into Victor Vam Pire)

Victor: Victor.

(Scene transforms into the Gainax Ending of Evangelion, with Jeremy, Owen, and Victor clapping)

Owen: Congratulations!

Jeremy: Congratulations!

Victor: Congratu- (cut off by Angry Boss)

Angry Boss: AAAAAHHHH!!! ... Snapped out of it!

Personal DataEdit


  • Cartoon Size


  • Average


  • Bruceton
  • Others with similar tempers
  • Paul Douglas objecting his plans


  • Shouting
  • Screaming
  • Talking with his employees
  • His rage


  • His rage
  • Ranting
  • Screaming Bruceton's name
  • Entering Fanboy Mode
  • Demanding for his cake that is quite epic


  • America

Classic Safari StoryEdit


Classic Safari Theme SongEdit

Classic Safari EndingEdit


Classic Safari QuotesEdit

Victory QuotesEdit


Losing QuoteEdit


Rival ScriptsEdit

Bold= Angry Boss' lines

To FinnEdit


If Angry Boss LosesEdit


If Finn LosesEdit


To BrucetonEdit


If Angry Boss LosesEdit


If Bruceton LosesEdit


  • According to Sonny Slaven, his character's inspiration came from the Downfall Parodies version of Hitler.
  • AB is the first character who can activate Codecs.
  • He is also the first character to have 2 Victory Themes.
  • Both him and Bruceton have both made apperances before they were playable characters. Angry Boss appeared as Sonny Slaven 's 3rd victory option while Bruceton made an apperance on the Talk Room stage.

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