Adam Powell, (Known on GoAnimate as Adamp5104) is an American GoAnimator and fan of Smash Bros Lawl. He appears in All Star Smashers as one of the unlockable Narrators.

How to unlock- Complete Classic Safari as his bro.


Roster Start

  • "Hey guys, Adamp5104 here."

Character Readings


  • Adam is also the creator of Lawl Bros, a comedic Bro Show on GoAnimate starring himself, his bro and fellow GoAnimator, Sonny Slaven, his step-brother Bobby Rust, Sonny's weird but hilarious friend Daniel Weywards, Mary from Ib, and Strong Bad from Homestar Runner.
  • He also has his own GoAnimate based spin-off to Lawl called Smash Bros Lawl GoAnimate, which includes himself, Sonny, Bobby and Daniel as playable characters. (And unlike in All Star Smashers, Sonny is not a Joke character in SSBLGA)